Just Released – New Automated Service that Tests Water, Reports Readings, and Provides Corrections

Just Released – New Automated Service that Tests Water, Reports Readings, and Provides Corrections

For decades many pool owners have wondered: did our team or pool company actually test our many pools today? What were the readings? Besides chlorine and pH, how are the other critical water balance parameters doing? Is our team or pool service making the proper corrections to protect our heaters and plaster? Do we have the proper documentation to protect ourselves from the barrage of current Legionella lawsuits? Can we come up with a system that actually Tests, Reports, AND Corrects (TRC) the many water parameters?

Months ago we highlighted some of the benefits of newer test kits that CES technicians have been using for years, and we are proud to introduce yet another feature. The new program is an optional service which is available to all CES SpinTouch (AKA SpinDisk) customers. How does it work? What are some of the best features? Read on to find out.

Proof of Testing: 

When your team or pool service contractor takes a test kit reading, the readings are automatically forwarded to a cloud-based storage portal for safe keeping. This is done with a wireless connection between your SpinTouch and ANY smart phone. It’s simple… you test and press a button and it’s done. So… No test, no reading in the cloud. This is a huge development, as it’s the first time we’ve ever had PROOF OF TESTING.

Review of Readings:

Once the readings are collected, you or any interested party can review them from anywhere in the world on the secure web- based portal. You can look at trends: highs & lows, averages, and even graph the readings. For decades, we’ve been able to record and graph controller readings from our CES Monitoring Center, but we’ve NEVER been able to do the same with test kit readings. 

Automatic Evaluation of Out-of-Range Readings:

The system will automatically evaluate the live readings against LOW, HIGH, and TARGET levels for each of the parameters. This isn’t just chlorine and pH anymore… it also evaluates: calcium (prevents premature degradation of heaters and pool finishes), alkalinity (prevents erratic pH readings and aggressive water), stabilizer (prevents excessive chlorine consumption), copper & iron (prevents staining of your pool finish), phosphates (prevents algae blooms and excessive chlorine consumption), and more.

Reporting of Target Corrections:

Finally any interested parties will receive a daily email report of any out of range parameters, ALONG WITH basic explanations of the importance of the parameter, and recommended dosages to correct the parameters to meet your pre-established level and basic dosing instructions.

This service is starting to attract some real attention with owners, operators, and managers. 

Currently, operators are getting simple daily reports with instructions on how to keep their water balanced. Building managers can passively keep track of how well their operators or subcontracted pool services are doing. Pool service companies are keeping an closer eye on their staff and customers, watching for pool leaks, etc., and making sure they have the proper chemicals on their trucks for corrections, and owners are assured not only of proper testing and reporting for liability avoidance, but also for protection of assets, like expensive heaters and pool finishes.

The best part…this entire program, including the set up, reporting, cloud storage fees, licensing fees, etc. are handled by CES under one low monthly cost which is under $15 per month. The user provides the test kit and the testing disks.

How simple is this? Your team just places a disk in the test kit, presses the TEST button, and then presses the FORWARD arrow. That’s it…TRC is achieved.

Do you want to find out it this type of technology can work for you? Contact your local CES Rep for more information.

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