Education Overview

Education Overview

CES Education Overview

In addition to providing excellence in on-site service and product support (Sign up here), CES also provides three other forms of education. Many are Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) and Community Associations Managers (CAM) approved courses that provide Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

The AFO (Aquatic Facility Operator) and Aquatech courses provide Nationally Recognized Pool Operator Certification, are recognized by the CILB and CAM and will provide attendees with up to 18 CEUs.

In addition to the AFO class, CES offers four additional opportunities to earn 2 CEU credit hours, with coursed detailed below. These include up-to-date topics covering all facets of pool operation, and are delivered to your team in a friendly and accommodating format. 

Face to Face Seminars: All CES Face-to-Face Seminars utilize digital audio visual presentations, striving to simplify complex concepts for easier learning, and are strictly non-commercial in use. With CES’s position as a recognized industry leader in technology, you will receive the most up-to-date education. The facts will be presented in an easy-to-understand format and your questions will be answered completely. We will adhere to all current best practices for social distancing.

Classes are offered at various times and locations each quarter. Please contact us if interested in hosting or attending one of the 2 hour courses and we can normally accommodate a group of 10 or more people, CES will gladly teach at your site or ours.

Live Remote Learning: ** Due to COVID-19 many of our classes are now approved via Instructor Led Video Conference**. These Instructor-Led Live Video Classes are complete with easy to understand digital presentations and discrete question and answer format. You will receive individualized attention and all questions will be answered using simple examples and analogies.

Virtual On-Demand Education: Welcome to CES University or CESU. This modern portal provides a series of classes that allows you to learn at your own pace, on your schedule, all from the comfort or your own home. Here you can sign up for classes, repeat sections as desired, and store the classes for future reference. We will be continually adding classes and resources to this portal, led by our in-house Licensed Educator with degrees in Education, and Curriculum and Development with focus on Project Based Learning, 

Please contact a CES representative for more information, or to schedule or enroll in one of our approved classes.

Course NameType Certified ByCourse #CE Hours
Aquatic Facility Operator
Face to Face SeminarCILB000946118
Aquatic Facility Operator
Face to Face SeminarCAM00269618
Aquatic Facility OperatorLive Remote LearningCAM963055318
AquaTech – Facility Operator Course 1st Day- CESU

AquaTech – Facility Operator Course 1st Day- CESUVirtualCILB06128049
ORP – Oxidation Reduction PotentialFace to Face SeminarCILB00084182
ORP – Oxidation Reduction PotentialFace to Face SeminarCAM96250102
ORP – CESUVirtualCAM96294712
ORP – CESUVirtualCILB06133122
Guerilla Professional Pool ManagementFace to Face SeminarCAM00026952
Guerilla Professional Pool ManagementFace to Face SeminarCAM96278771
Guerilla Professional Pool ManagementFace to Face SeminarCILB109092
Guerrilla – Live Remote Learning Live Remote LearningCAM96301841
Saline ChlorinationFace to Face SeminarCAM105952
Saline ChlorinationFace to Face SeminarCILB96255612
Saline ChlorinationFace to Face SeminarCAM96293611
Saline Chlorination – Live Remote LearningLive Remote LearningCAM96301851
Proven Green Technologies for Commercial PoolsFace to Face SeminarCAM96255982
Proven Green Technologies for Commercial PoolsFace to Face SeminarCILB109102
Proven Green Technologies for Commercial PoolsFace to Face SeminarCAM96264921
Proven Green – Live Remote LearningLive Remote LearningCAM96301831 is changing

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