Q5® Water Quality Standard

Q5® Water Quality Standard

Q5® Water Quality Standard

Q5® is a pioneering Aquatic Facility Rating System (U.S. and Foreign patents pending) that provides pool operators and patrons with a quick, objective and concise scorecard of the facility’s water quality, safety, and proficiency in key aspects of pool operation.

What standard do you operate YOUR pool to?

While many will say “Health Department Code”, others will remind you that the Health Department Code is a MINIMUM standard that does not adequately address maintenance, checks and balances, emergency action plans, water balance, etc.

Most owners strive to build and operate safe and aesthetically pleasing pools. While physical appearances are somewhat readily apparent to many, other mechanical aspects of a swimming facility are not. While pools can provide endless hours of enjoyment for their patrons, they can also pose the possibility of hidden dangers, resulting in serious injuries or death, if the pools are not constructed properly or operated safely. It is therefore a great benefit to both the owners of these facilities and their current and prospective customers to have a simple and quantifiable 1 to 5-Star format that they can easily understand. In 2015 Insurance industry leaders identified the Q5® Water Quality Standard as a verifiable method of loss prevention – as operating to this higher standard lowers the owners risk to unnecessary liability.

Q5® was researched and developed over 25 years of commercial pool water treatment experience, by one of the leading authorities in the pool industry. The Q5® rating system is also prescriptive, thus offering the owner a methodical path for improvement of operations through addition of equipment, procedural enhancements, operator training and certifications, and periodic inspections. Rating inspections are carried out by trained and certified Q5® inspectors with at least 10 years of direct commercial pool experience, and at least one instructor certification from a nationally rated pool operators course.

The Q5® Water Quality Standard is truly the industry’s first comprehensive rating system made for a commercial pool, spa, or water feature, or an organization’s aquatic operation, and the ONLY Standard that provides a quick symbolic representation to the quality of the facility and its operation.

Are you ready to “operate your pool to a higher standard with Q5®”?

Find out if Q5® makes sense for your organization Here.

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