Since 1983, Commercial Energy Specialists (CES), has provided "Service Supported Distribution" (SSD™) water treatment programs for thousands of institutional and commercial swimming pools, spas, water parks, water features, and industrial process water clients. Current clients include many cities, counties, school boards, universities, Disney World, major water parks, resorts, motels, and condos. Year after year, CES has been rated #1 among aquatic water treatment companies, by the top commercial equipment manufacturers in the industry.

CES's staff of factory-trained technicians and AFO-Certified operators/instructors provide on-going training and support for each and every technology that we supply for the program. We provide and help you maintain a custom water quality program to develop your in-house operations, continually guiding your aquatic and maintenance personnel to "Excellence in Water Quality".


Has Robotic Pool Cleaning finally come of age? - July 19, 2018

Years ago many discarded the use of robotic vacuums as unreliable and a general pain in the rear. The units, while cheap, were problematic plastic gizmos that seemed to spend more time in the shop than on the pool deck. As such, owners had to have known several ways to clean their pool in order to handle the task, and sometimes they would even own several robotic vacuums AND a backup system.

PFD program has saved well over $2-million off customer's electric bills. - July 12, 2018

In the past 5+ years, CES Motor Control Centers (both the larger MCC-VFD, and the smaller PFDx) have become a favorite among pool owners, operators, and pool builders.… and even the power company. Why? There are several reasons, but one of the easiest to calculate is that we have CONSERVATIVELY helped save over $2-Million dollars in electrical costs for customers. This is based on having installed over 4,000 horsepower of energy saving devices all over the US and the Caribbean, saving nearly 20-million kWH of power, and applying an ultra-conservative average power cost. At our current rate, CES customers are now saving over 32,000 kWH per day.

I can see clearly now... - July 4, 2018

The Marlow 4SPC is a pretty amazing pump. It is certified to be able to prime water from up to 17’ above the water level - not that you’re going to have many jobs that need that - but that means that it primes easily and quickly on all normal applications. Some pumps take hours to prime, thus sometimes ruining your seals (or your weekend). The 4SPC is also a rock-solid epoxy coated cast iron pump, which has shown to be a lot more durable than some of the flimsier plastic models. It also has a higher pumping capacity than most any pump in its class, and is equipped with a high efficiency inverter duty motor. Finally it is available in single phase as well as 230/460V 3 phase, and 200V 3 phase versions. So, you won’t burn out your motor prematurely like other brands because your site is equipped with 208V service.