Preventative Maintenance Plans on the upswing, help prevent unplanned expenditures!

Preventative Maintenance Plans on the upswing, help prevent unplanned expenditures!

There you are, minding your own business, and operating your hotel, condo, or community pool…and BOOOM…all of the sudden you get horrible news. Your spa heater is down, the patrons are mad, the bosses are asking for answers, and the service center is trying to resolve your problem as soon as possible… but parts are difficult to get from the factory. Worst yet… the disabled heater is going to cost a lot of money to fix, and it might make sense to replace it.

No, it’s not a bad dream. It is a reality to many poor unsuspecting managers that are doing their best. One customer called and said: “I think my heater has had a heart attack, and I really need it to work right now”. 

Like a heart attack, heaters and other equipment issues really CAN be avoided. How? Get a check-up!

Get Regular Check Ups:

  • Taking care of our equipment is like taking care of our heart. 
  • Like your heart, a heater can develop deposits and experience blockage which is undetectable from the outside. 
  • So you really need to take a closer look. 
  • In the case of a heater, the CES check up (PM Service) examines the internals and checks & cleans blockages before they destroy the entire heater.

Check the vital signs often:

  • The PM program also checks for the source of the issue.
  • Is the water flow correct? If not it could cause deposits to form – unbeknownst to all. 
  • Is the chemistry correct? A high pH or mis-adjusted controller could also lead to blockages.
  • Is the test kit accurate? Yes, even a pH test kit gone awry could cause the entire EXPENSIVE mess above.

Understand that Problems Accumulate:

  • The scaling on your heater may have been caused by a high pH event months ago.
  • Fixing the pH event won’t remove the scaling, but having another pH event will add to it.
  • Having a scaled heater will cause to it scale even quicker.
  • So problems are undetectable sometimes, and they definitely won’t fix themselves.

A stitch in time, saves nine.

Using a heater as an example, the cost of maintaining (aka preventing) is hundreds of times less money than the cost of replacing.

Just like your heater, there are a few main pool components that really are different…as they need consistent PM service and check ups. They include UV systems, Ozone Systems, Saline Systems, Nex-Gen units, Control systems, and even tablet and liquid chemical feeders.

Fortunately, CES PM system programs are truly on an upswing, are more affordable than repairing or replacing, and can save you a whole lot of time, money, and drama.

Contact your CES rep for more information on affordable PM programs… and start saving money and avoiding unnecessary risks.

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