Insurance leaders say Expensive Legionella Claims on the Rise

Insurance leaders say Expensive Legionella Claims on the Rise

Swimming pool insurance leaders wrote an industry update in a current magazine, and noted that they have 4 separate (high dollar) insurance claims that people have contracted Legionnaire’s Disease from a commercial pool/spa where pool companies provided services, and where the Health Departments are checking pools frequently.  This is a disturbing trend, but follows a national trend where more focus is being placed on this overlooked bacteria. The CDC published a great toolkit that CES distributed in mid 2017, and it will help you learn more about this serous type of pneumonia.

But, what can you do to protect yourselves? There are a couple of proactive steps:

Provide optimum 24/7 treatment.

  • Legionella appears to be more prevalent in spas and water features where any lapses in treatment can become an issue. Maintain 24/7 control over your chemistry, and service your treatment equipment often. Periodic maintenance of Chlorination and pH treatment equipment helps, as does a periodic check of your chemistry control system to make sure that it is being used according to factory guidelines.

Get alerted of any lapses. 

  • Legionella thrives during lapses. No matter how well you service your mechanical systems, lapses are bound to happen. The better facilities have discovered that staying in touch with their equipment rooms 24/7 is the key. Most CES control systems are either set up to communicate, or can be easily upgraded, and you will receive instantaneous alerts of any lapses via text or email until the lapses are corrected. Communication is basically free, but it saves you lots of time, money and potential liability.

Test and record your readings daily.

  • DOH code REQUIRES readings every 24 hours, but some facilities try to operate their pools ONLY with a 3-day per week service, falsifying records to show daily testing. This just won’t do. The DOH is cracking down on less than daily testing, and new test kits can be operated by any adult, while automatically logging and providing proof of testing. Find out more about how these test kits are poised to change the industry.

 Test for Legionella Proactively.

  • Legionella tests were traditionally very expensive and took weeks to gather the results. No more. CES is launching PROACTIVE field tests that can be integrated into one of our regular PM programs and provide the results instantaneously. Look out for our February launch.

 In any event, a well-operated facility can avoid the   embarrassment and potential legal liability of a   Legionella outbreak by following the few basic best-   practice guidelines above. 

 Please let us know how we can assist you.

 Happy New Year from your friends at CES!

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