Monitor and Operate your Pool Remotely New CES Offer to Hook Up your Remote Communications

Monitor and Operate your Pool Remotely New CES Offer to Hook Up your Remote Communications

Finally, amidst all the horrible news, it appears that social distancing is working, and leaders from some areas are seeing a flattening of the COVID-19 infection rate. But, as the experts are quick to note, there will be no quick reversal of social distancing guidelines, and getting back to “normal” may take many months.  

While sequestered, hundreds of CES customers have relied daily on their CES Remote Communications technology as they operate their pools on “remote control,” and only go to the pools when absolutely necessary. This helps them successfully toe the line between operating the pools per DOH guidelines issued last week and staying home to help slow the spread. From a Miami swim school with 5 remote locations, to a string of 55-plus communities with 56 pools and millions of gallons, to hundreds of others on lock-down including condo pool operations around the state, they’re all getting the job done remotely.

But they need not be the chosen few. In all, many thousands of CES control systems were either at one time set up with communications, and lost connection when switching Internet carriers, etc., or are communications-ready. As one customer mentioned yesterday, they were planning on getting connected anyway – when they had a breather – but realized that NOW was the best time to do it. They had heard of all the benefits, including streamlining of their pool operations, providing an important layer of digital log-keeping and liability avoidance (CES remote control has been rated as a loss prevention tool), and getting escalating alerts any time one of their systems starts going out of range. But once this customer realized that NOW was the time, they asked us for a little extra help… so here we are.

Our team is ready to help. So, effective today CES if offering a special program to help those who are ready to get connected or re-connected.

How it works: CES will provide FREE technical support to help you connect your system, and will offer special terms if any extra equipment or software upgrades are 

required. We will also provide special terms when you want to sign up for our affordable

CES CyberService programs that store your logs, administer your account, and provide remote CyberService when you need help figuring out trends and issues.

Additionally, we will help you get set up with online ordering of your essentials, so you can stay out of the office until we beat this thing. You log into and shop from the safety of your home, while seeing a custom list of “only what you need to operate your specific pools” in a specially made “MyCES™” page within our store.

CES field technicians and Jupiter service team continue to work hard every day to keep your systems in good working order. They ask your help in promoting social distancing during the service, and helping them confirm someone is going to be on site to provide access on confirmed appointments.

Some customers have moved up their future PM Programs to the coming weeks, as they are concerned that we’re all going to be crazy-busy when the COVID-19 pandemic starts receding. Please contact us if you want to review your upcoming PM programs.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Stay Safe

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