CES Launches First Industrial-Grade Battery Powered Robotic Vacuum

CES Launches First Industrial-Grade Battery Powered Robotic Vacuum

It’s been a long time coming, but we are proud to announce the USA’s FIRST battery-powered industrial-grade robotic vacuum. The E-SPOT 150. The SPOT vacuum is really not that new. Its pedigree comes from decades of development and operation in some of Europe’s most demanding pools. So, we took one of the world’s leading brands, and took 3 years to make it stronger, more durable, and more reliable. It is worthy of the Enduro name normally reserved for vacuums weighing 15 times more and costing 3 times as much.

While it has the same shape as some of the cheap and often problematic (some customers refer to them as throwaway) robotic vacuums you find on the internet, the similarities stop there. SPOT is different. It is a fully-featured industrial-grade robotic vacuum in a small package.

The SPOT is equipped with a 15’ cable that runs between the robot and the floating battery. The caddy cart has convenient molded holders for both the battery and the robot, and a quick charger is included to recharge the battery for pennies…in a mere 6 hours. You just place the SPOT 150 in the pool and press start, from either your remote, or a convenient Bluetooth App, which also gives you access to the Auto and Turbo modes, displays any alarms, and lets you know when it is done.

Here are some of the highlights…. 

SPOT is Tough: The Carbon Fiber Shell is lightweight and durable. It is stronger yet weighs 33% less than its closest competitor.
SPOT is Smart: It is the only cleaner in its class with a caddy, Infrared, Remote, APP, Angle Detector, and Gyroscope. Its APT (Aqua Positioning Technology systematically) maps out the pool, and performs a predetermined cleaning program to clean faster and better.
SPOT is Fast: It travels about 49’ per minute. It is as fast as units costing much more… but functional speed is even higher as it doesn’t wander around aimlessly, thanks to APT (See Above).
SPOT has Range: It covers a lot of ground and cleans over 63 Sq Ft of pool area each minute. That means it can clean a 30’ x 60’ condo pool in as little as 28 minutes, but normally takes its time in completing its precise APT cleaning patterns.
SPOT is Powerful: The SPOT pumps over 7,100 gallons of pool water each hour, trapping dirt in its internal filter. That is 59% more powerful than its closest price competitor. 
SPOT is Unique: SPOT is the ONLY battery-powered cleaner of its type, complete with a 15’ cable to handle the deepest commercial pools. 
As importantly… SPOT is Affordable. It is available for as little as $125-150 per month, and you own it for $1 in as little as 3 years. Most folks say that this is a FRACTION of the cost of manually cleaning the pool.
It comes with a 2-year warranty, and extended service programs are available upon request.
Contact your CES rep for more information on the revolutionary, industrial-grade, battery-powered robotic vacuum… the FIRST of its kind. 
Watch SPOT Run.
Watch SPOT Clean.
Now, many customers say… GO SPOT GO.

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