What We’ve Learned Over the Past 40 Years Thanks to our Loyal Customers

What We’ve Learned Over the Past 40 Years Thanks to our Loyal Customers

During the Holidays, we’d like to take an opportunity to reflect on our first 40 years, what we’ve learned alongside our customers, and what we’ve accomplished together. 

Sure, these past few years have been the most challenging times ever in terms of being able to affect our own schedule, meet your schedules, and help customers secure parts they need, when they need them. But we pinch ourselves and remind each other that it wasn’t always that way. We’ll get through this together and 2023 appears to store hope for returning to some type of normalcy. 

What have we learned?

Safety and code compliance are paramount

We learned early on that closely following the Health Code requirements and establishing safe practices are a must on each and every property. DOH self evaluations and 24/7/365 monitoring of major pool parameters, with escalating alert notification of any out of range conditions, really help provide the safest possible operations.

Education is the key

A trained staff is one of the best investments a facility can make. Over-Outsourcing and not getting integrally involved is painful and expensive. At the end of the day, the owner (not the sub-contractor) has the legal responsibility for the safety of the patrons. 

Do it once, do it right

Over 95% of control systems we have installed have lasted 20 years or longer, and have performed impeccably during that time. A shortcut route would not have worked out like that, and good enough…isn’t. 

Plan ahead, plan for the future

Planning a long term strategy for your equipment room is like building a home. Start with a good foundation, and build carefully and in proper order, so that you don’t have to remove and rebuild. With over 800 years of pool experience, our team has honed its skill of setting a long term plan. 

Invest in proper amounts of technology.. not too much and not too little on a project by project basis

Fancy gadgets don’t replace proper amounts of technology and some basic elbow grease. We’re careful not to put too much technology into a facility, but always strive to have enough to do the job. 

What have we accomplished?

Helped many thousands of pool operations go in house with perfectly clean health department records

CES customers have gone decades without a health department issue, and they have accomplished this together by investing in the facility and operators, and by following our basic Q5® daily-weekly-monthly pool care  program. Nothing fancy, just getting a good plan and sticking to it.  

Helped customers save billions of gallons of water, lbs of gas, and kWh of electricity

Thousands of CES customers operate at the proper DOH pool flow but are running at 20-45% of normal power. CES granular media filters and new AFM® media cut backwash water consumption by 50-75%, and high efficiency heaters and pool covers help save 66%-75% of annual heating costs. 

Helped customers save billions of dollars of pool-related repairs, labor and chemicals

Customers are operating their pools with minimum amounts of labor and chemicals, while meeting or exceeding all local, state, and national codes. Preventive maintenance, tight chemistry controls, and reliable control systems have been great building blocks.

Certify thousands of pool operations, helped develop tens of thousands into better operators

Providing education takes a lot of effort, and is not profitable, but it is really worth it. Thousands of AFO, AquaTech, ORP, Saline, Guerrilla, and lunch and learn classes have helped us provide a more educated operator and manager, who can then manage their facility with less time, money, and drama.  

Grown into the largest commercial water quality family in the US

Our water quality control family now extends to 15 states and controls several billions of gallons of water every minute of every day. But we are hyper-focused on doing a great job one site at a time, and are investing heavily in qualified consultants and service staff. We strive to get better each and every day.

We are thankful for the hard work of our team, and for the confidence that our customers have placed in us over the last four decades. 

We promise to continue to give you 110% and work tirelessly to help you maintain your facility with the best results and the lowest operating costs.

We’ve learned a lot together, and have learned to appreciate the good fortune and be thankful for the opportunity we’ve been given. 


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