Summer Officially Starts This Weekend…Quick Last Minute Tips.

Summer Officially Starts This Weekend…Quick Last Minute Tips.

Sure, we’ve had crazy weather over the past few months… working between drought and torrential rainfall. Who knows what the weather is going to do next, but two things are for sure… it’s going to get hotter, and thousands of people are going to flock to your pool. Summer is officially upon us this weekend, and you may or may not be totally ready. What can you do? 

Here are a few quick tips to get your facility as ready as possible:

Quick Tip #1: Last minute maintenance: Summer is tough on pumps, filters, controls, and chemical feeders. Even if it’s too late for this weekend’s opening, it’s not too late to arrange for a quick tune up on your facility before all heck breaks loose in June, July, and August. Contact us for a 50-point assessment and site tune up. 

Quick Tip #2: Be ready for emergencies: Between CDC guidelines on treating for fecal accidents, maintenance shocks, and chemistry corrections… emergency chemicals are important to get your pool back in action as soon as possible, and reduce down time and drama. We can help arrange the best “emergency chemical pack” for your needs including shock, dechlor, pH Up & Down, etc. 

Quick Tip #3: Know the facts. The DOH requires daily testing of chemicals in order to open the pool to your patrons. We carry the 3 major types of test kits from the popular Taylor color match kits, the highly accurate Palintest digital kits, and the accurate, quick, and convenient Spin Touch kit that gives you results on 11 of the most important parameters (including calcium, alkalinity, copper, iron, phosphates, and more) in just 60-seconds. Our field staff utilizes the Spin Touch, but we can provide and help train your staff on any of the 3 technologies. Let us know how we can help.

Quick Tip #4: Train new staff: Many facilities hire seasonal staff and sometimes they end up running the show. Now is a great time to organize on-site personnel training on you systems. You can also sign them up for our DOH-approved AFO class, or even the AquaTech online pool operator class, and they can study tonight and be better operators tomorrow.

Quick Tip #5: Get connected: There is no easier way to keep track of your pool and avoid issues. 99% of CES systems installed since 1996 can be set up for communications quickly and affordably. You’ll not only enjoy being able to stay connected and access your chemistry levels, flow, and other key parameters on your smart phone tablet or PC, but you’ll receive escalating alerts on any out-of-range parameters so you can resolve them BEFORE they become a real issue. We can use ANY nearby wifi or we can supply a reliable communication package with all the trimmings. Let us know if you want a quick assessment from our communications specialist. 

We are here to assist in ANY of your last minute preparations, and look forward to helping you enjoy a smooth and event-free summer season. is changing

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