Same strategy, new information, and maybe a better disinfection tool

Same strategy, new information, and maybe a better disinfection tool

Maybe it’s our imagination, but yesterday seemed to be “one” of the turning points in the gravely serious COVID-19 Pandemic. Can we allow ourselves to be a bit giddy as the stock market roared, the local cases grew at a reportedly slower rate, and late last night it appeared that the $2T relief package passed most of the major hurdles. 

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But then, this is a day-by-day situation, and while we can smile for a few minutes, we’re back at work. Here is an update:

Full Operation:  CES is in full operation. We’re busy helping people idle their closed pools for maximum safety and efficiency, and we’re shipping essential chlorine and support parts to those keeping pools open to their patrons – with proper social distancing of course.  Our service team is hard at work,  so contact us if you need any assistance.

Alert: DO NOT DRAIN YOUR POOL. We received another call yesterday asking for instruction on how to drain. Please don’t. If not done properly, you can “POP” your pool out of the ground causing a VERY expensive repair. Even if you’re successful, you can create a mosquito breeding ground and also severely damage your pool finish by letting it dry out.

OK to Idle your Pool: If your pool is closed to the public, you can “idle” it by running the pump at a slower rate from your CES MCC-VFD or PFDx equipment. You can also adjust your pH setpoint to 7.2-7.3 to make the existing chlorine more active, and you can adjust the ORP to provide a 1.5-2.0 PPM level. Your chemical consumption should decrease dramatically as there will be no bathers.

State DOH Speaks: Mr. Bob Vincent from the DOH office in Tallahassee confirmed that: “If you leave your pool open to patrons to use for cooling down or for exercise, the chairs on the pool deck could be removed to discourage groups of over 10 gathering together.” He continued: “If the owner or board chooses to cease use of the pool deck to limit gatherings, I expect they will post a ‘pool closed’ sign on the entry gate and lock. They won’t turn off the pool’s recirculation system.”

Essential Business: Florida DOH units in key counties such as Orange County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County,  declared water quality and pool services as an essential business. We’ll stay open for the long haul, and water quality control’s role in this mess is important. The COVID-19 virus supposedly cannot be transmitted in a properly chlorinated pool per the WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC updates. If your pool treatment system needs help, please call. Our service team can handle 99% of any service issue on the first call, as we stock all the parts and accessories in each service van.

Safety Protocol in Jupiter Facility: CES further tweaked our safety protocol for the Jupiter office. We’re blessed with a perfect design for social distancing, and have implemented daily cleanings of all common areas and potential trouble areas. Our front doors are locked, but we’re here plugging away, so please call if you need anything as we are limiting entry. Our plan is to make the CES workplace safer than even going to the grocery store.

Can this Help Cleaning: Years ago CES launched the Wysiwash Sanitizer Sprayer system as a quick and easy way to clean lawn chairs, tables and common areas around pools. Some folks loved it…. but maybe pool decks weren’t being cleaned the way they will from now on. So, maybe it’s time for a 2nd look at the Wysiwash to see if it will help your staff. It’s easy.  You merely add a capsule to the chamber, attach the Wysiwash to the end of a hose, and spray the furniture, tables, etc. It delivers a consistent dose for a sure kill, and leaves the place smelling clean without the risk of mixing chemicals, etc.

Please stay safe, we are… and please let us know if we can assist in any manner.

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