New Tablet Solution for Backwash Water Dechlorination Requirements

New Tablet Solution for Backwash Water Dechlorination Requirements

For years CES has helped customers comply with regulations to remove all Chlorine from filter backwash (or pool draining) water prior to discharging into the environment.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  Whether the water goes to the storm drain (ends up in rivers and lakes), or to the sanitary sewer (ends up in the local wastewater treatment plant), removal of Chlorine is important. Why? Well… fish, plants and wildlife suffer from the adverse effects of Chlorine, while Chlorine levels also negatively affect the delicate natural treatment chemistry as the local plants.

CES designed and provided a very innovative and automatic solution years ago and it has been working great. It utilizes a liquid DeChlorination chemical which is fed by a traditional chemical feeder, being activated by a special flow device triggered whenever water is being discharged, and all coordinated by a special CES RIM Relay Interface Module. 

We are NOW proud to announce that we have a simpler yet equally effective tablet solution.

This new solution provides a simple 8” ABS (composite) feeder that is plumbed in the backwash line prior to going to waste, and you merely fill the feeder “stacks” with special tablets, and voila!…. Chlorine is instantly removed as it passes the feeder. The feeder can be located above ground, mounted to the wall, or even buried in the ground if desired. Each feeder is rated to remove chlorine instantly in up to 278 GPM of backwash flow, and units can be plumbed in tandem for larger systems. Feeders and tablets are in stock at CES, and shipments of this NON-TOXIC solution can be mixed and matched with your regular orders.

The new CES Tablet DeChlor Solution is ready to help you resolve your Discharge Compliance issues, and is fully supported by CES Technical Services.

Please let us know how we can assist you.

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