Enduro Vacuum’s Magellan works behind the scenes to keep your pool water cleaner, faster

Enduro Vacuum’s Magellan works behind the scenes to keep your pool water cleaner, faster

There are 3 important aspects of Robotic Vacuuming: Propulsion, Navigation, and Vacuuming. Each has its own role, and it takes all three to make a successful vacuum.

This year we celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the “Engine” behind Enduro TurboClean Navigation – known as Magellan. This simple yet sophisticated program helps provide pinpoint time, location, and direction to guide the Enduro or Peps Robotic Vacuums on their daily mission to clean your pool as quickly as possible. 

Guided by a precise gyro which accurately reports the exact position of the unit, and 4 infrared sensors, the Magellan program slices and dices the pool using one of 5 cleaning modes. If you chose the Cross Mode, the robotic vacuum surveys the pool in seconds, and proceeds to follow a series of precise cross-shape patterns to thoroughly clean the pool, with programmable spacing, timing, etc. Its accuracy is incredible. 

Some CES customers choose the Systematic Mode that cleans a pool like some folks mow a football field….from left to right or vice versa…and that is so fast that it can completely clean a 50-meter pool in under two hours. Others rely on the V-Mode or even the quickest Hexpresso Mode for their specific pool and cleaning needs.

As we mentioned, Navigation is only one of the big 3 in Robotic Vacuuming. But in conjunction with the ultra reliable motors (90% plus have exceeded 2,000 hours without service), and the powerful and adjustable pumping system, the Enduro has set new standards for robotic cleaning across the US.

But if you ask our customers what their favorite feature is — it might be the fact that their Enduro NEVER leaves the pool deck. All scheduled maintenance and repairs are handled ON THE POOL DECK by CES technicians or trained and certified Enduro service centers in other parts of the US.

Then, there are those who like the affordability and value that the Enduro brings. The “No Worries Plan” provides a powerful and reliable robotic vacuum with all major parts and on site maintenance starting at as little as $199 per month. 

Please join in helping us celebrate 15 years of Magellan, and 33 years of Enduro success around the world. 

Had enough of cheap and unreliable robotic cleaners? Please contact your CES rep to arrange an on-site evaluation to see if an affordable, reliable Enduro robotic vacuum is right for your pool.

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