Education is the Key to Pool Operation Now There are 4 Great Ways to Learn

Education is the Key to Pool Operation Now There are 4 Great Ways to Learn

For decades, CES and our customers have experienced the concept that “Education is the Key” to optimum pool operation. That is why we now offer 4 great ways to train managers and staff on a variety of topics. You can even get valuable continuing education credits (CEUs) toward renewing your Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DPR) license.  

These training opportunities range from two-day internationally accredited pool operator certification courses required by most DOH codes…all the way to one-on-one, belly-to-belly training in your equipment room. There’s also a full array of online, interactive classes at your pace, and remote learning classes, and even a hybrid pool operator certification class. 

Traditional Face-to-Face Seminars: Provided to a group at your facility or a centralized location (All social distancing requirements applied). Please check the CES Class Schedule website page for schedules.

  • These have been a popular mainstay at CES since the 1980s, and are led by experienced CES Pool Manager/AFO instructors with an average of 20 years of in-field experience.
  • The (5) current classes are detailed here, and CES is proud to be an industry-leading educator in the US.
  • The two-day classes are scheduled in locations that will comfortably accommodate 20-30 people, and sometimes hosted at CES in Jupiter, and are also available as a instructor-led remote classes (see below).
  • The two-hour classes can be taught at your management company or organization as a lunch & learn.
  • Hybrid certification classes are a popular new alternative to the traditional seminars. 

Hybrid Pool Operator Certification Classes: Our AquaTech hybrid class is a totally unique accredited pool operator certification class that combines a great “learn at your own pace” online portion, including a great reference – textbook. Once you finish the class and complete the quiz, then we invite you to a full day hands-on class covering a complete array of important concepts including 10 learning stations on pool operation, code compliance, etc. The one-day hands on class is known as Hands On Operator Pool School, or HOOPS for short.

  • This format combines online & book learning with practical hands on experience in a typical equipment room, and led by a 20+ year CES veteran. 

Virtual On-Demand Learning: Provided on the modern CESU portal, and based on your schedule. You get what you want, when you want it, combining interesting videos with modern learning tools. CES’s in-house staff of licensed educators have designed this series to be interesting, fun, and educational.

  • There are two current classes detailed here. Stay tuned for many more to come.
  • Our 5-Star rated “Understanding ORP” class has received rave reviews from DOH officials, contractors and customers alike. Contact us for a discounted rate, and help your team master this highly misunderstood concept which is the “engine” behind all chemistry control systems.
  • The CESU portal guides your educational process, and even stores your classes for future reference.

Live Remote Learning.These are versions of our popular online or face-to-face classes, which can now be taught via an instructor-led, live video (zoom) format. We can help you register, and get a big discount on the classes. We plan to offer these upon request, and we can accommodate small and medium-size groups.

  • Proper DOH Code Review and Best Practice Pool Operation Tips: Guerilla Professional Pool Management (DPR# 9630184)
  • Making your own chlorine (even from recycled pool water): Saline/Mineral Pools (DPR# 9630185)
  • Modernizing your equipment room with self-funding upgrades: Proven Green Technologies (DPR# 9630183)
  • Complete Pool Operator Certification: Aquatic Facility Operators Course (Coming Soon): (DPR# 0009461)

Hands On – On Site Training: A fan favorite for decades. The CES staff will come to your facility and train your team on all aspects of pool operation, from Code Compliance, Safety, Daily Operation, Simple Maintenance and more. Our team has nearly 700 years of combined leading edge experience in design, installation, and long term maintenance of all technologies, but we rely on simple instructions, examples, analogies, and helpful hints to help make learning easy and fun. Schedule Here.

The Pandemic has surely altered the way we all have to live our lives and conduct business, but code compliance and the safety and well-being of the patrons are two things that cannot be compromised. The entire CES team stands ready to assist with your training and education needs… as Education IS the Key to trouble-free pool operation.

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