City of Naples River Park Upgrade – On Time and On Target!

City of Naples River Park Upgrade – On Time and On Target!

Like all public entities, City of Naples has had to carefully navigate the challenging times during the year-long pandemic. They need to keep a close eye on the budget, but keep an eye on the future as well. This is no easy task, so it is great to see a customer navigate this mess so well, and stay ahead of potential maintenance issues, while upgrading their facilities to the newest technologies.

The River Park main pool is a 6-lane, 75’ lap pool, which results in 154,000 gallons of fun and exercise for local residents. 

The city has invested wisely in equipment over the decades, so no changes were needed to the BECSys5 controls, the geothermal heating/cooling system, and others, but the original filters were due for an upgrade, as were the pumps and other items. 

Mercedes Puente, Park Manager, and her team worked with CES to put together a cost-effective and sensible plan that would give them the latest technologies at a reasonable cost. The upgrades were supplied by CES, and expertly installed by Trey’s team at Infinite Aqua of Naples. Here’s what the 2020-2021 upgrade looked like:

New 100 PSI CES Poltank sand filters: 

The existing 50 PSI filters needed an upgrade, and the new filters will provide a 20+ year service lift. They include a single-lever, on-the-fly backwash without having to shut down the pump. The operators merely raise the lever for each filter, one at a time, wait about 1.5 minutes for the water to come out clean, and then lower the lever back into the filtration mode.

AFM® Activated Glass Media upgrade:

The AFM® upgrade provides drinking water-grade filtration and uses about 1/10th of the water of traditional sand filters. The patented activation process makes media fouling virtually impossible, and the media is designed to last the life of the filters.

Pulsar Precision Feeder upgrades:

The old-style feeder was upgraded to the newest Pulsar HCE (High Capacity Erosion)

feeder which delivers consistent chlorination,

but has been requiring only semi-annual cleaning. This has made this popular All-in-One form of chlorination in the industry even MORE popular in the eyes of many.

Updated Filtration and feature pumps:

The pumps were upgraded to the latest Marlow flow technologies, which reduces the amount of power required to move the DOH-required water. The existing CES Control System continues to work in concert with the CES Motor Control Center with VFD, in order to maximize energy savings 24/7/365. 

Peps Robotic Cleaner:

Pool cleanliness is key, especially during a pandemic, and City of Naples installed a new CES Peps SITE MAINTAINED Robotic Vacuum System. This system’s precise navigation and propulsion system makes sure that every inch of the pool is methodically cleaned.  All service and maintenance is handled ON SITE with CES technicians, so there is normally no down time.

Please join us in congratulating Mercedes and her team, as well as Trey and Infinite Aqua for a job well done. Their efforts mean the River Park will be saving lots of time and money for many years to come.

Please contact your CES rep to see if a well-designed modernization makes sense on your facility.

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