CES voted the USA’s #1 Saline conversion company AGAIN, for 2018

CES voted the USA’s #1 Saline conversion company AGAIN, for 2018

Just lucky we guess, but CES was again voted the #1 saline conversion company in the USA for 2018. We added to the list of many hundreds of properties that are making their own chlorine out of recycled pool water. These are using either traditional (Salt in Pool) ChlorKing Chlorine Generation Systems, or the popular NEX-GEN systems that convert pool water to chlorine – now with completely self cleaning technology. Pretty cool stuff. Most of this chlorine production is being made at less than $.40 per gallon, or 1/3rd to 1/5th of the cost of traditional store-bought Chlorine.

Who were the real winners? The many customers that are not paying for, storing, or messing with the injection of chemicals. Together, we now have made over 13 Million gallons of chlorine over the past decade, and the number keeps compounding on a daily basis.

Many thanks go to the dedicated CES field managers and technicians who work with customers to assess potential, to install, and to service these time-tested chlorine production systems.

Contact us to see if making your own chlorine is right for your pool…

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