CES & Duffield Modernizations Have Provided Huge Savings in Power, Gas, Water, Chemicals, and Labor

CES & Duffield Modernizations Have Provided Huge Savings in Power, Gas, Water, Chemicals, and Labor

Saving energy, being green, and providing sustainable systems are all popular buzz phrases in today’s energy conscious environment. We couldn’t agree more. But it wasn’t always that way. Luckily, we didn’t wait for these things to become popular to promote them… way back when, being green was viewed as unnecessary, too expensive, and downright unpopular to some. 

Since CES and Duffield (both Aquafinity companies) started operations in 1983 and 1972 respectively, we have always had a unique mindset to save resources, and do things more efficiently. Even if cost is a little bit more up front, customers found that they benefitted tenfold year after year. 

We learned not only how to apply time tested technologies to help customers upgrade older less efficient systems, but we also learned how to let these systems “pay their own way” out of the savings they generate. 

Here is some of what we’ve learned over the years:


  • Our pump control systems have saved millions of kWh of power for customers over the years. Not only have they used less power, but the pumps actually have lasted longer, providing even more savings. 
  • Pioneering and patented control of filter flow to meet EXACT Department of Health requirements 24/7/365 has helped customers even more by automatically operating pumps down to 12.5% of normal power when filters are clean while still maintaining DOH-required flow. 


  • Super efficient heaters (88% plus) have been our specialty since 2001, despite a “why bother” attitude for many back then, saving customers many millions in gas costs.
  • Pool covers, used since 1981, have helped cut heating costs an additional 66% for many customers. 
  • New pool boilers are now 97% efficient, and the pool water never touches the heater guts, making them last 3-5 times longer than a traditional heater.


  • Drinking water-grade filtration systems have provided crystal clear water while saving 30-50% of backwash water.
  • New AFM® Activated Glass Filter Media has provided additional water savings due to shorter backwash times, plus they last the life of the filter – saving expensive media change-outs.
  • Pioneering remote control of water level and water consumption monitoring has saved customers millions of gallons of water through precise level control and early detection of pool leaks.
  • Pool covers have saved millions of gallons of water through 99% evaporation control while in use.


  • Chemistry control systems, pioneered in 1972, have been cutting chemical consumption by 33% or more, saving customers billions of dollars in chemical costs. 
  • Popular saline systems have commonly provided up to 95% of annual chlorination needs for thousands of customers over the past 15 years, saving time and money. 
  • New saline alternatives help customers make their own chlorine out of recycled pool water, saving thousands in chemicals, storage, and transportation costs. 


  • Going back decades, customers have saved countless labor hours a month by taking direct control of their chemistry, saving hours of expensive manual adjustments.
  • Leading edge sand filters, especially those with 1.5-2-minute backwash cycles have saved customers thousands of man-hours a year over manual DE or cartridge system cleanings. 
  • Site repairable Enduro robotic vacuums also have saved thousands of man-hours a year using precise navigation, propulsion, and suction to super-clean pool bottoms. 
  • On site saline chlorine generators have helped operators streamline chemical handling, saving time and money in storage and transportation/filling of chemical containers. 

While this is just a partial list, many customers have experienced how a modern pool operation has streamlined their operations; then throw in the fact that all the items above can be implemented with a “self-funding” program. What do we mean? Customers have modernized their pools and let the upgrades be fully funded by the savings that they generate. In other words, the savings far outweigh the cost to implement on a monthly basis. 

Want to learn how you can help modernize your equipment room, transform your facility to help promote your green or sustainability initiatives… while saving money?

It’s simple. Sign up for a quick no cost evaluation and our experienced team, with many hundreds of years in the industry, can provide a roadmap to success.

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