CES customers free themselves from liability, waste & financial surprises

CES customers free themselves from liability, waste & financial surprises

On the eve of our National Celebration of Freedom, you can’t help but get caught up in the Freedom theme. Then yesterday, a thank-you call from a few long-time customers got us thinking…how lots of CES customers had methodically freed themselves from the typical expenses, liability, and plain old drama that normally plague pool owners. True Freedom!  If that wasn’t enough, a quick afternoon appointment with a struggling prospective customer brought it all into focus.

Traditional commercial pools commonly have a LOT of issues. They often have poorly trained staff making some questionable decisions, or spend lots of money with little control over their subcontracted pool companies.  They have inefficient mechanical equipment that struggles to keep pace with pool loads and often the water quality suffers a lot. Per square foot of pool, they spend 2 to 3 times more to operate their pools than some of CES’s typical customers, and they are operating in the dark as to whether or not their pools are compliant,… or if they’re about to hurt someone… a real ticking time bomb.

Here what CES customers have accomplished over the years to prevent these issues:

  • Training: CES customers have many tens of thousands of trained operators in their facility. What an investment!  They make better decisions and are sometimes more qualified than those that pool companies can attract and put in service trucks.  The AFO and (hybrid) AquaTech courses are the most popular, and meet DOH requirements for trained operators on each site.
  • Managers are trained too: There are also many thousands of managers who have achieved the same certification or have successfully passed CES State-Approved courses on Pool Operations, Saline, Proven Green Technologies, ORP, and more. Some have successfully passed new CESU online courses as well. What a commitment!  These managers (and DOH officials) can make more educated decisions and guide their facilities more successfully than their peers.
  • Save a tree, save lots of bucks: CES customers have invested in modernizing their aquatic facilities, not patching them. They have collectively saved many billions of gallons of water, KwHs of electricity, pounds of gas, and have made hundreds of millions of gallons of their own chlorine on site…not to overlook millions of hours of saved labor. What an achievement!  Leading technologies include PFD pump controls, saline chlorinators, UV, ozone, controls, pool covers and 97% efficient heaters to name few.
  • Watch the big surprise: CES customers have MUCH fewer unplanned expenditures than the typical pool owner.  Heaters and pool finishes are protected with all-in-one chemicals, and preventive maintenance, and last many times longer than the norm.  Stuff normally just doesn’t break for no reason at all. Sure they might spend a few more dollars a year to do it right, but a typical condo or municipal resurfacing job costs $40k to $300k, and where the heck does that live in your budget?
  • Staying in touch: Thousands of CES customers are in constant touch with their equipment rooms. Many know instantly, via texts or emails, when ANY PARAMETER is even approaching an out-of-range condition. They’ve know when vats are getting empty, filters are getting dirty, pumps are getting overwhelmed or if chlorinators need a swift kick in the rear. The keep their logs electronically for liability’s sake, and can remotely control multiple pools from a single lap top. Talk about Freedom!

So let’s tip our glasses (tomorrow) to all the CES customers who have gone above and beyond to make their facilities cleaner, safer, more appealing, and more cost effective for their owners and patrons, and let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you in this process. They can relax knowing that things are under control back in the equipment room…that Freedom from worries is really habit forming.

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