CES Control Systems, In 3 Sizes, More Powerful and as Popular as Ever

CES Control Systems, In 3 Sizes, More Powerful and as Popular as Ever

We and our customers consider ourselves very fortunate to have found the industry’s best control system over 30 years ago. The BECS-built control systems are widely considered by engineers, contractors, and leading organizations as the most accurate, most reliable, and longest lasting controllers bar none. We can attest to that, as many control systems have operated for 25 years or more, and are still working perfectly when they are upgraded.

But, besides those attributes, we think there are three other things that we like as much: that is their simplicity, and versatility, and BECS’s consideration to make all new innovations backwards compatible. That means that you can turn a 2006 Controller into a 2022 controller by changing a circuit board or two, and that feature (as health codes and market needs and legal requirements change) is available to existing customers as affordably as possible. That seems simple enough, but it is NOT the norm with many manufacturers that require you to ditch your existing equipment in order to get the latest features. 

Here is a quick look at what we appreciate so much:

Three Flavors: CES control systems come in three “platforms:” Chemistry Control (only), Mechanical System Control (including chemistry), and Total Equipment Room Control, which also includes chemistry. This is simplicity at its finest. The simple chemistry control systems start at $75 a month, a no brainer, but we have both the equipment and experience to provide the most complex integration, even with multiple technologies, building management systems, etc.

Options Galore: Each of the 3 platforms has many options that you can add now or in the future. While the Chemistry Control system is more limited than the other two, it is used in systems that aren’t going to need to automate the entire equipment room. Most models allow you to add water level control and consumption monitoring, heater control, chemical inventory monitoring, flow monitoring for up to 4 pumps, and direct control of pump operation for incredible savings.

Simple Programming: Some folks confuse complex system capabilities with simplicity. While the Mechanical and Equipment room controllers can operate a myriad of complex operations including nighttime energy savings mode, pump TDH readings, etc. they are incredibly simple. Unlike other systems, if you want to change the setpoint, you press the setpoint button, if you want to change the feed mode or calibrate, you press a simple button, so you are not running through a myriad of screens and menus to get to the important stuff. 

Exclusive Features: The CES controls have a couple of features that make them extra popular. First there is DSBM™ or Dual Setpoint Booster Mode. This is available in EVERY CES controller. This allows seamless integration between two feed systems on a single body of water. This is huge with Saline systems with DOH-required backup, Ozone and UV systems with chlorine backups, and chlorine-free treatment systems with oxidation backup (mostly residential). The other is direct control of pool pumps by GPM. This patented feature allows you to maintain exact DOH-required flow 24/7/365 while continually minimizing power consumption. Many CES customers are operating pumps at 25-40% of normal power while being in perfect DOH compliance. 

Communications: Probably the most popular feature that has come of age, is remote control and communications. While many say they “can” do it, we’ve been monitoring and remotely controlling pools for well over 20 years. No other system offers true “real time” control of pool operations with a powerful escalating alert notification system. 

As you can tell, we get a bit giddy when describing how blessed we are to have found the industry’s best on the first try, but we don’t rest on our laurels. CES and BECS are continually working to improve, innovate, and make systems simpler and more powerful. 

Contact your CES rep to see if we can assist you in maximizing your CES control system capabilities, and thanks again for decades of loyal support. 

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