Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

As a Leader in the Water Quality Industry since 1983, CES acknowledges the importance of maintaining pool equipment. Properly maintained filters, chemistry controllers and chemical feeders make for clear pools and limited “down time”.

Pool equipment often operates in harsh environments and requires annual maintenance to maintain peak efficiency and extend its useful life. CES has developed Preventive Maintenance programs for a variety of the equipment that we sell and service.

The following is a list of Preventive Maintenance Programs offered by CES. For pricing information or to schedule Preventive maintenance for your facility, simply contact your regional CES service office.

  • PMA 689-Lochinvar Heating System
  • PMA 692-Marlow Self Priming Pump
  • PMA 694-Palintest Pooltest 9 & 25
  • PMA 695-Chlorking Saline System
  • PMA 697-ETS UV System, EP-ECSP
  • PMA 698-ETS UV System, SP
  • PMA 699-ETS UV System, Eco Flow II
  • PMA 970-Brominator Chemical Feed
  • PMA 971-PM Agreement (Controller)
  • PMA 972-Stenner Chemical Feed System
  • PMA 973-EPD High Rate Filtration System
  • PMA 974-Pulsar Chemical Feed System
  • PMA 975-LMI Chemical Feed System
  • PMA 976-Pulsafeeder/Precision Chemical Feeder
  • PMA 977-CES 50 Point Site AssessmentPMA 978-Nemato / USF Feed System
  • PMA 979-Clearwater Tech Ozone Generator
  • PMA 980-EPD Backwash Overhaul
  • PMA 981-Solution Feeder Chemical Feed System
  • PMA 982-Rehamed Pool Lift
  • PMA 983-CES National Filtration System
  • PMA 984-CES Stinger Robotic Vacuums
  • PMA 985-USF Filtration System
  • PMA 986-USF Backwash Overhaul

Download a CES Preventative Maintenance Brochure (PDF)