Stenner 100 & 170 Series Chemical Feeders

•Precision pumping of fluids or slurries up to 170 gpd
•Completely self-priming, can operate dry
•Will not clog from dirt and minor debris
•Will not lose prime from air bubbles or hydrogen peroxide gassing
•Check valves are not required under 25 PSI
•Accurate within 2% of listed outputs
•Safer to use: chemicals are not exposed to air or to moving parts
•Five interchangeable tube sizes for control of output
•Tube lubrication is not required
•Vertical or horizontal mount
Stenner offers a complete line of highly reliable peristaltic chemical feeders with output ranges from .2 gpd to 170 gpd depending on the model and application.

Stenner manufactures the only high pressure peristaltic metering pump that can operate reliably and consistently against pressure of up to 100 PSI.

Models are available as fixed output units or with single and dual adjustable outputs utilizing a patented adjustable feed rate mechanism. Output is controlled by tube size, feed rate setting and rpm. Specific models accross the product line can be upgraded in the field into double head units for double the output thanks to Stenners modular design. All major feeder components are secured by brass locking rivets for quick dissasembly without tools. This also makes adding capacity a snap.

Purchase Items

  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
170 GPD Adj Rate Stenner Feeder,#5,120V,1/4
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BC 170JL5A1S $684.06
#5 Tube Assembly Single Tube
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BD CP20005 $18.53
Suction Line Strainer, 1/4", w/Ceramic weight
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BD ST114 $24.53
Connecting Nut, 1/4
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BD AK10000 $2.16
Ferrule, 1/4"
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BD AK20000 $0.20
Valve Injection Fitting, 1/4"
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BD CVIJ1/4 $4.41
Tubing, 1/4" Natural, per foot
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NA 2510571 $0.15