Sta-Rite System 3 Mod Media Cartridge Filter

Top-mounted pressure guage conveniently located for at-a-glance viewing
Split tank design permits rinse-in-place cleaning
Posi-LokTM clamps provide safe, secure access to tank
Dual drain plugs available - side plug to remove waste; bottom plug to drain entire filter
Balanced-flow tank hydraulics provide maximum dirt-loading and prevent clogging
Complete media coverage combined with shallow pleats for greater dirt holding capacities, longer filter cycles and less cleaning
Maximum continual operating pressure is 50 psi
T System 3® Mod MediaTM filters from Sta-Rite® handle 2-3 times more dirt than other filters to deliver maintenance-free performance for up to a full season. Featuring perfectly balanced flow and an integral manifold design, these filters are engineered to deliver the ultimate in labor savings. System 3 Mod Media filters are ideal for inground pools, inground hot tubs and water features. Water flows very efficiently through the System 3 Mod Media cartridge filters, often allowing the use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds to minimize energy use. Also when you rinse cartridges rather than backwash, you can significantly reduce water use, too. The Eco Select brand identifies our “greenest” and most efficient equipment choices.

Purchase Items

  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
Clean & Clear Plus Filter, 520 Sq. Ft. (150 GPM)
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EN 160332 $1,447.26
  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
Pentair Cartridge Filter, Clean & Clear 150SF CC 150
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EN 160317 $664.76
  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
Pentair Cartridge Filter, Clean & Clear Plus 320
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EN 160340 $976.29
  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
System3 Modular Media, 209 sqft, FLT
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EN 25021-0224S $302.49