Portable Aspen Pool Lift

• Certified ADA Compliant by NSF International
• Moveable and easy to operate.
• 300 pound lifting capacity.
• Six points of contact with the deck for maximum safety and stability.
• Fully sealed counter weight case maximizes corrosion protection and prevents rust build up on concrete or tiled deck.
• Removable handle for safety and storage.
• Small footprint when compared to the competition.
• Ships in manageable pieces.
The Portable Aspen is an ADA compliant battery powered lift that is self-operable from the deck and the water with a robust operating system. This portable lift requires no anchor and is moveable and easy to operate. This model includes an upgraded footrest, headrest and arms.

Purchase Items

  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
Aspen Portable Pool Lift, ADA Compliant
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MB 42643 $7,838.71
Fixed Anchoring Assembly (Portable to Stationary)
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MB 42672 $166.13
Composite Anchor, Elkhorn/Motion Trek
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MB 28510 $340.32
Cover, Aspen/Freedom/Motion Trek 350 Lifts
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MB 47949 $338.71
Remote Control, Aspen/Freedom/Traveler
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MB 42257 $108.06
Universal Armrest, Freedom Lifts
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MB 57976 $140.32
Transport Cart, Aspen/Freedom Lifts
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MB 29901 $1,524.19
Fixed Anchoring Assembly, Freedom Lift w/Anchor & Apsen,
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MB 42661 $80.65
Lift Preventive Maintenance Program
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SP PMA982 $0.00
Wired Battery Pack, Traveler, Aspen, & Freedom Lifts
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MB 143007 $258.06
Bearing Assembly, Lower, Aspen/Freedom
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MB 133086 $603.23
Mast Assembly, Aspen/Freedom
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MB 75480 $1,201.61
Actuator, 16"Stroke, Freedom/Aspen
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MB 42588 $637.10