Freedom ADA Compliant Pool Lift

• 350 pound lifting capacity
• Self operable from deck and water
• 90 lifts per battery charge
• All stainless steel construction
• Coated with Spectra Shield for maximum corrosion protection
• Stabilizer bar significantly improves lift stability during transfer
• Spacious seat with excellent lumbar support and designed for ease of transfer
• Rotationally and vertically powered with 360º continuous power rotation
• Quiet and stable operations
• Designed for in-ground and above-ground pools and spas
• Easy to install, even into exisiting concrete decks
• Proprietary Robust Operating System and Actuator outperforms other lifts
The ADA compliant Freedom Pool Lift is designed for installation in the decks of in-ground and above-ground pools/spas. The Lift is an ADA/ABA compliant battery powered lift with a safe and easy operating system. The Freedom is self-operable from the pool and the deck and works by water-proof remote control.

The actuator outperforms industry competition and features a battery with superior lifting power and lifespan. The lift is rotationally and vertically powered and accommodates a setback of 6in. to 22in. and water draft up to 12in.

Includes: one watertight remote control, battery and battery charger, footrest, deck anchor, seat belt.

Purchase Items

  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
Freedom Lift with Anchor
More Info
MB 57961 $4,035.48
Composite Anchor, Elkhorn/Motion Trek
More Info
MB 28510 $325.81
Cover, Aspen/Freedom/Motion Trek 350 Lifts
More Info
MB 47949 $338.71
Transport Cart, Aspen/Freedom Lifts
More Info
MB 29901 $1,524.19
Fixed Anchoring Assembly, Freedom Lift w/Anchor & Apsen,
More Info
MB 42661 $80.65
Battery Pack, V4 – Tabbed (Traveler, Aspen, Freedom Lifts)
More Info
MB 42693 $290.32
Charger V3 w/Cord (Traveler, Aspen, Freedom Lifts)
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MB 42732 $175.81
Receiver, Warner Linear, V2 - Tabbed
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MB 54495 $550.77
Seat Belt Assembly
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MB 13378 $33.85
Spectra Clean System 2
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MF 47905 $164.52
Spectra Clean System 3
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MF 47904 $182.26
Spectra Clean System 1
More Info
MF 47906 $203.23
Actuator, 16"Stroke, Freedom/Aspen
More Info
MB 42588 $637.10
Bearing Assembly, Lower, Aspen/Freedom
More Info
MB 133086 $603.23
Mast Assembly, Aspen/Freedom
More Info
MB 75480 $1,201.61