The Solution Vacuum Induction Liquid Chlorine Feeder

•The only liquid bleach feeder that is not a pump, it is a vacuum
•Significantly reduces chloramines and eliminates superchlorination
•Maintains set point feed under the heaviest demands
•Eliminates peaks and valleys in chlorine levels
•Saves on chemical consumption
•Safe and simple design eliminates the common maintenance and equipment problems of current feeder technology
•Complete two-year warranty
•NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certified
“The Solution” is a wide range high capacity hypochlorite feeder with a maximum output of 1728 GPD and is adjustable for pools from 50,000 to one million gallons. It is a compact wall mounted, pre-plumbed, state of the art feeder, based on venturi feed (vaccum) rather than pressure. Venturi feed action blends the chlorine into the water rather than simple squirt injection, thus delivering an even distribution throughout your system. “The Solution” requires controller automation, which is electrically connected to “The Solution’s” solenoid valve unit. When the controller calls for chlorine, the solenoid valve opens allowing the venturi to simply draw the chlorine through the unit. This special Teflon coated solenoid valve is rated at over a million cycles. The unit has an easy to read flow meter and a metering valve to adjust feed rates.

Purchase Items

  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
The Solution High Capacity Sodium Hypo Feeder
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BP 22152-01 $3,999.67
Coupling, Female 1/2", SxT, (Solution Feeder)
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BP FC-1/2 $6.60
Float Stop, Solution Feeder
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BP F-460-76001-274 $8.35
Left Side Elbow to Solenoid Complete
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BP LFTS1 $566.13
O-Ring for Flow Meter, Solution Feeder
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BP 1001 $16.62
Pipe, 1/2" OD, 2-1/4" L, Clear PVC, S40 (Solution Feeder)
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BP P-2-1/4 $0.80
Reducer Bushing, SXT, 1-1/4"x 1" ( Solution)
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BP RB-1-1/4 $6.60
Strainer Screen, Hayward Y Strainer
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BP YS1005022 $28.72
Solenoid Valve, 1/2", PVC/VITON, 24W Coil (Solution X1)
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BP EASMT4V12R24-PV $667.03
Metering Valve, X1 Feeder
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BP TUD14 $398.71
Venturi - #1078, Kynar 1MPT HP
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GD V0331 $155.38
Flowmeter, 1/2", 0.1-1.2 GPM
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HC F-46010LX-08P $271.02
Pipe, 1/2" OD, 1-3/4" L, Clear PVC, S40 (Solution Feeder)
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BP P-1-3/4 $0.60
Right Side Assembly Complete to Solenoid
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BP RGTS1 $1,043.75
Float (White Cap)
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BP F-460-76001-005 $40.71