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Sentry Chlorine SAF-T-CLOR
Strength - SAF-T-CLOR is produced at 125 grams per liter available or 11.18 weight percent sodium hypochlorite.
Excess Alkalinity - The continuous bleach plant allows control of excess alkalinity (free caustic soda) to about 0.15%.
Purity - Dirt and metal contamination cause sodium hypochlorite to lose strength too quickly. All of the impurities are filtered out of SAF-T-CLOR.
Clarity - No suspended solids or sludge which causes automatic feeders to clog.
SAF-T-CLOR is Sentry’s high purity 10.5% industrial sodium hypochlorite. SAF-T-CLOR is filtered through a sub-micron titanium filtration system which removes 99.9% of impurities that could catalyze bleach decomposition. Impurities include; iron, nickel, copper, and any impurities introduced by city water or other raw materials.

Filtration improves the strength, quality, stability and purity of the finished product. The filtration system is engineered so that ALL of the SAF-T-CLOR sodium hypochlorite must pass through the state-of-the-art Powell Titanium Bleach Filter, prior to shipping, to guarantee every gallon of SAF-T-CLOR produced is of the highest quality.

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