Pool & Spa Chemicals - Purolyte

By implementing PurolyteTM into your pool-water treatment program, foul odors and irritation caused from buildup of volatile chloramines and other by-products can be eliminated.
Eliminates shock treatments
Eliminates Algae blooms
REduces High Chlorine PPM
Reduces Low ORP Levels
Eliminates Hazy and Cloudy Water
Eliminates Chloramine Odors and Irritation
PurolyteTM was designed to oxidize organic-based contaminants in recreational water while the source of contaminants (bathers) is present. This “Forward” or “Proactive” approach to pool water management enhances water and air quality, thereby improving bather comfort and enjoyment.

PurolyteTM was specifically developed to enhance treatment performance of chlorine. It continually lowers chlorine demand to help supply significant reduction in chemical consumption in pools.

PurolyteTM is a non-chlorine, nonhalogen product to be used in tandem with the chlorine based sanitizer treatment. This patented proprietary product is not a sanitizer, but a secondary non-chlorine oxidizer.

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