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Pulsar Plus Briquettes
A special patented blend of 68% available chlorine calcium hypochlorite, dry, solid, Pulsar® Plus briquettes contain an additive that dramatically reduces the scale associated with calcium hypochlorite solutions.
Longer shelf life than liquid bleach
Requires less storage space
Less hazardous to handle than liquid bleach
Easier to transport and handle than liquid bleach
Cyanuric Acid free
Available in 50 lb pails
It's easy to see the benefits of using Pulsar® for pool and spa water sanitization: A remarkable difference in pool water clarity, color and sparkle. Using Pulsar® eliminates the hazards of chlorine gas and liquid bleach; protects bathers, plaster and equipment; and reduces chloramine odors dramatically. It's the only sanitation method that chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock treats...In one simple process. With balanced pool water, Pulsar® provides cleaner, clearer water less hazard and longer pool and equipment life.

This product is exclusively for use in the Pulsar® system equipment and complies with established NSF design standards and performance requirements.

CES can only market Pulsar Briquettes to the Florida and Caribbean territories.

Prices displayed are only for Florida.

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Pulsar Infinity Tablets, 25 lb pail
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AH 30056 $95.49
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Pulsar Plus Briquettes, 50 lb pail
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AH 30170 $141.91
Pulsar III System, PS5000
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Pulsar Plus Briquettes, 50 lb pail - Puerto Rico Warehouse
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AH 30170 PR $175.00
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Pulsar Power Shock, 25lb Pail
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AH 30215 $95.83