Precision Control SC

•Suitable for pools, spas, water parks, fountains, zoos and aquariums
•Reduces chemical usage, improves water quality and assures compliance
•Standard safety features include flow switch, flow restored delay, feed limit timers and visual alarm indicator
•One-touch Set Point and Calibration access, and a simple menu system
•Single channel control of ORP, pH, Ozone and Bromine
•2nd Relay
•Factory trained service and support
The Precision SC is a rugged and reliable single channel controller for either ORP or pH. It is designed for use in recirculated applications such as pools, spas, and fountains, and is used in situations when only a SINGLE control point is desired, such as an ozone high-alarm relay, water tank pH control, or any other single control application. It is equipped with a digital display for either ORP or pH, and comes packed with powerful features. The integrated 2nd relay can be configured for booster mode, two-way pH feed, probe clean, or as a general alarm. It is packaged with CES flow cell and high resolution pH or ORP sensors.

The Precision Control SC has 2 year electronics / 2 year sensor warranty which provides worry-free operation.

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