Precision Control MR1

•Suitable for pools, spas, water parks, fountains, zoos and aquariums
•Reduces chemical usage, improves water quality and assures compliance
•Standard safety features include flow switch, flow restored delay, feed limit timers and visual alarm indicator
•2 year electronics / 2 year sensor warranty provides worry-free operation
•One-touch Set Point and Calibration access, and a simple menu system
•Factory trained service and support
Continuous monitoring and control of chlorine/bromine (ORP) and pH. Suitable for gas chlorine, liquid chlorine, stick bromine and a variety of feed devices. MR1 is designed for use on recirculated applications such as pools, spas, and fountains.

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CES Precision Control, MR1, ORP/pH Package
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CJ MR1 $2,775.00
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CK 1200436-A Please Call for Price
BECSys2 Relay PCB : SWAP - 2YR
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CK 1200439-A Please Call for Price
BECSys pH Sensor, 36" Cable - 2YR
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CK 9660013 Please Call for Price
BECSys ORP Sensor, plat band, 36" Cable - 2YR
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CK 9660022 Please Call for Price
Flowcell Assembly Complete, All Units
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Reed Flow Switch
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CK 9660006 $80.00