Precision Control AMF IWF Strainers

• Designed to protect downstream UV strainers, and fine nozzles from clogging with debris
* Fine Basket removes fine particles down to 60-mesh (250 micron ) size
* Oversized basket design provides optimum soil retention - compensating for smaller mesh
* Clear Viewing Cover with swing-out-of the-way feature
• SS T-bar handles for easy removal lid removal
• Heavy Duty basket, won’t collapse or corrode
• Many custom baskets perforations for different applications
• 50 PSI rating - highest we’ve used
• Custom measurements for Drop in replacement without re-plumbing
The Precision AMF Composite IWF (Interactive Water Feature) strainer is the result of many issues from premature clogging of spray nozzles and UV downstream safety strainers -both requiring many hours to resolve. This special design is one of the best composite strainer we have ever used. The fine 60-mesh (250 micron) screen will filter out the smallest particles, while the oversized design provides the normal optimum soil retention capacity of a typical strainer.

We made it to 50 PSI rating - the highest in the aquatic industry, and added features like swing away lid retainers, T-handle bolts, standard influent & effluent pressure taps, and solid construction for long service life. Only from CES.

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