Pool & Spa Chemicals - Peroxolyte

Reduces High Chlorine Use
Reduces Operational Costs
Reduces Chlorine Levels while Elevating ORP
Eliminates Odors and Irritants - Overnight
Eliminate Algae Blooms
Eliminates Supplemental Treatments
Eliminates Hazy Water
Peroxolyte technology is an exciting breakthrough in the way we treat recreational water. No other technology can come close to achieving the same speed of recovery and sustained performance that is achieved with peroxolyte based products. Peroxolyte® All-Purpose is a completely non-chlorine formula. That means you can treat the pool and get it back open as soon as possible with little or no down time.Contact your CES representative for more information on Peroxolyte® All-Purpose. Whether you use it as a shock to remove algae, a cleaning product for filter beds and pool piping, or as a 24/7 treament to raise ORP and lower chlorination costs, Peroxolyte® All-Purpose is a problem solver.

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Purolyte, 99%, 50 lb pail
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AB TRUOX 001 $238.55