Control and Delivery Accessories

All ozone systems require electrical controls, from an electrical interface control box for ON/OFF operation to analytical and monitoring devices that control ozone levels in both water and air.

The vacuum break provides a positive atmospheric “break” between the ozone injector manifold and the ozone generator, preventing water from flowing back into the ozone generator, should the venturi check valve fail. It is used with all ClearWater Tech corona discharge ozone systems.

CWT injection systems use only Mazzei injectors for maximum mass transfer efficiency. The injector produces a cavitation effect, enabling the ozone gas to join the water stream in the form of extremely tiny bubbles.

Ozone levels can be measured with high accuracy and functionality with the use of ambient ozone controllers and monitors. ClearWater Tech offers a full range of controllers capable of measuring ozone, including Aeroqual controllers.
ClearWater Tech designs and manufactures a variety of control and delivery accessories designed to enhance the performance and adaptability of their ozone generation equipment.

Each peripheral system is built with the most reliable and durable components. Please contact your CES sales representative for a complete list of ozone peripheral equipment and accessories.

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