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Odyssey Ultra Chlor Chlorine
Levels of iron, copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, and other heavy metal contaminants are close to zero.
Settling of suspended solids is eliminated in storage tanks, pumps, piping and instruments. Automatic feeders will not clog.
Shelf life is greatly improved. Many customers realize savings because fewer gallons are required.
NSF and E.P.A. approved
The exceptional quality of Ultra Chlor sodium hypochlorate is unmatched in the industry.

Ultra Chlor is produced from the purest ingredients and has virtually no metal contaminant’s or suspended solids. In most cases, iron, nickle, copper, and other heavy metal ions that catalyze bleach decomposition are below detectable levels. The continuous process equipment provides low manufacturing temperature without localized overheating. Continuous process sodium hyprochlorite also has quality in terms of concentration, ratio, ph, and excess alkalinity.

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