Pool Safety Cover

This safety pool cover material, since it’s the lightest weight, is used on the worlds largest pools. This material and the pool cover design has been tested time and time again.

As good as the Meycolite is, the RuggedMesh came to be as a way of offering something different to the industry in mesh form. It is designed to filter out finer particles and block more sunlight but is also designed to be a little stronger.

This solid pool cover was designed to keep the water’s chemicals in the pool longer and provides the protection you need to ensure super-clean pool openings.
Safety, a major concern for every pool owner, operator, was the motivating factor in Meyco’s development of the mesh cover.

Meyco pool covers exceed all ASTM standards for safety as well as many local safety requirements. When properly secured to the pool decking, the cover’s crisscrossed webbing holds taut across the pool in “trampoline style”. Mayco pool covers cannot blow off in a windstorm, are difficult to remove without the safety installaiton rod, and if that weren’t enough, the straps are capable of withstanding over 4,500 lbs. of tension.

Meyco pool covers are made of the finest materials available....the best polypropylene fabric, the strongest thread and the most durable hardware.

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