Hamsco BKP Portable Filter


316 Stainless Steel construction for durability and performance
SureSafeTM lid closure also eliminates air entrapment
Single or Cluster cartridge designs available
Portability speeds up your service routes
Non-marring gray rubber tires - will not mark decking
Grease fittings and roller bearing hub on pneumatic wheels
Easy to use and maneuver around pool and spa decks
This convenient, heavy-duty pool servicing device combines the strongest filtration solution in the industry along with your preferred pump and motor. The Harmsco® Betterfilter® Portable unit (BKP) will provide years of dependable service under the most extreme conditions.

The BKP filter clears up challenging water problems quickly without wasting water, heat and chemicals. The BKP unit can be moved around quickly and easily, which increases your efficiency during your maintenance routes. With Harmsco® Up Flow patented filtration technology on board, you can quickly troubleshoot serious pool filtration problems. Imagine being able to say “No Problem!” to your customers on a daily basis! In addition to service companies, every pool & spa builder should own a Harmsco®.

Purchase Items

  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
Harmsco Portable 105 Vacuum Complete
More Info
LD 105COMPLETE $2,200.02
20AMP 120/277VAC Switch, White (For Harmsco)
More Info
LD CS20AC1-W $5.96
20AMP GFI Receptacle w/Locknut, Wh (Harmsco)
More Info
LD ELE-6 20 WH L $15.60
Rectangualr "T" Box, PVC, Weatherproof
More Info
LD E381DR $9.25
20AMP, 125V Plug (For Harmsco Vacuum)
More Info
LD PS5366-X $20.37
Nipple, 2"x12", PVC, S80
More Info
JF 3861-260 $12.02
Adapter, Male, Insert, 1-1/2" Thrd, Barb, PVC
More Info
JF 1436-015 $8.72
Reducer, 2 x 1.5, SXS, S40
More Info
JF 3437-251 $1.62
Union, 2" Socket x FIPT, SCH80
More Info
ER 88P8041 $129.12
Ball Valve, 1.5" SCH 40 TxT
More Info
HH 2621-015 $34.48
Harmsco Base Kit Portable Vacuum-Non Assy
More Info
LD BF105BKPSC $1,279.69
Switch Cover (Kraloy) (E98PSC)
More Info
LD VSC15/10 $12.44
Reducer, 2 x 1.5, MTxT, S40
More Info
JF 3439-251 $2.86
Stand, BKP, SS w/Axle Bracket
More Info
EJ 874 $310.43
Speck 433-II, 3/4HP, 1PH, 230/115V, EE
More Info
KK IG114-1100M-000 $808.62
Axle, BKP
More Info
EJ 879 $31.90
Wheel w/Grease Fitting, 280/250Xx4
More Info
EJ 875 $86.59
Washer, Flat, 5/8" 18-8SS
More Info
EJ 876 $1.82
Cotter Pin, 1/8 x 1-1/2", 316SS
More Info
EJ 877 $1.82