Effective against chlorine resistant micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium
Breaks down chloramines and other organics
Cannot be overdosed, fully automatic and programmable
Significantly improves water quality
Easy to read control panel
Reduces the need for “Shock Treatments” to reduce combined chlorine levels
Accepts Modbus and Profibus Protocols
Improves air quality
Safer and more pleasant water environments
Reduces “Red Eye” and skin irritations
Traditional look with inlet and outlet branches, flow range 100-4500 gpm, ANSI flange size 2”-14”, 1.3kW-7.3kW medium pressure lamps. Includes temperature probe, UV monitor, automatic wiper system and full Spectra control panel.

ETS range of UV treatment systems vastly improve the swimming pool environment by improving water quality, with a 99.9% inactivation rate of harmful micro-organisms & bacteria, improving air quality and lowering combined chlorine levels which all leads to increased customer satisfaction.

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