ChlorKing Sentry UV

Strainer to capture broken glass
13,000 hour lamp life
2” - 8” (model specific) inlet/outlet designed to fit special needs
Operates in water up to 130 degrees F
1 watt of 185nm UV will produce 6 x 10˄ - 7 moles of OH per second in water
Logs lamp hours and sleeve replacement hours
Thermally protected automatically shuts down if abnormal operating temperature is reached
Flow rates from 50 - 900 gpm (model specific)
Environmentally friendly ultraviolet light systems for commercial pools and spas.

With the ever increasing demand for ultraviolet technology in the commercial swimming pool industry, Chlorking has teamed up with Sentry ultraviolet to manufacture the most user friendly, cost effective UV systems available on the market today. In keeping with ChlorKing's KIS (keep it simple) philosophy, this low pressure, high output amalgam lamp technology achieves 4 log reduction for cryptosporidium and other pathogen control in water, while remaining cost effictive for virtually any facility.

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