ChlorKing Commercial Salt Chlorination

•Easy to install, wall mounted in pump room and plumbed into existing circulation system
•Easy operation using the KIS (keep it simple) process
•Systems produce from 1.25 to 25 lbs of equivalent chlorine per day, in a single cell, the largest available in the market today
•Unique “plug ‘n play” feature where the ORP controller simply plugs into the ChlorKing system
•Operates with 0.5% salinity in pool water giving it a “mineral spa” feel
Low power required to operate the electrolytic cell
•Less water balance chemcials required
Converting your pool to salt chlorination is a wise move. Salt (or saline) chlorination utilizes technology to sanitize your swimming pool rather than using traditional chlorine. This safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution has become very popular in the commercial and institutional swimming pool markets.

ChlorKing®’s patented system is simple, easy to use and will provide years of trouble free operation ensuring your pool remains well sanitized and sparkling clear.

ChlorKing® offers three unique salt chlorination systems to fit any commercial pool or spa.

1. The MINI-reverse polarity series offers a compact water-cooled power supply for low maintenance and is available in three different models up to 5lb’s per day.

2. The CHLOR-reverse polarity series offers a water-cooled power supply for low maintenance and is available from 7.5 to 25lb’s per day. (the largest in the industry)

3. The CLASSIC-forward polarity series offers a more cost effective solution featuring a water-cooled power supply and is designed for facilities or operators that have the ability to provide a low level of maintenance required to the clean the cell on a weekly basis. A lower price makes this series specifically attractive for pool management companies or owner/operator facilities. Sizes range from 5lb’s to 25lb’s per day in this series.

All models also feature our toroidal salinity control system that monitors the salt level in your pool 24/7. This unique controller not only displays the actual salt in ppm on the screen, but also never needs calibration or cleaning. A powered output also allows for the addition of our Saturated Salt Feeders which will automatically inject salt into your pool on demand, maintaining your salt levels with no need for operator testing or manual salt introduction.

Purchase Items

  Quantity Part Name Part # Price  
5.0 lb/day Saline Chlorination System-2 Box
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CH CHLOR 5.0M Please Call for Price
ChlorKing® 5000 Conductivity Controller Pro
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CP CK5000 $1,255.69
Harness Power Box Trans, Mini 5
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CP HPBTMINI5.0 $451.32
Harness Rec to Cell, Mini 5.0
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CP HRCM5.0 $258.42
Rectifier, 32AMP w/Mechanical Relays
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CP REC32M $1,397.63
Decal, ChlorKing
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Gauge (Reads DC Amps) for ChlorKIng Unit
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CP 21-277 $56.41
Potentiometer / Rheostat
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CP 53C31K $25.48
Liquid Tight Fitting 3/8"- use on Flow Switch
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CP 3228 $3.64
Contactor 1 Pole 25A w/Neutral
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CP C25CNB125A $38.22
Transformer Kit, FD4, 120V
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CP KITFD4120 $45.50
Relay for 1032 Card, 25AMP, SSR
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CP SH24R50 $174.70
Relay, Overvoltage, 24VAC EUL
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CP 84872021 $245.68
Cell Housing, 6"
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CP CH6 $642.40
Strainer, 1"
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CP RV19043 $41.86
PP Valve 3/8 Tube x 3/8 NPT
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CP PPSV011223W $18.20
Flow Switch, Harwil
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CP Q-12DS50 $176.52