BECSys7 Total Equipment Room Integration

•Advanced water chemistry control
•Automate backwash of up to 16 filters
•Waste line management; BW status displayed on-screen
•Flowmeter monitoring and display
•Patent-pending VFD control algorithm
•Monitor Total Dynamic Head (TDH) of circ pump
•Free chlorine/bromine readings with bracketed control
•Turbidity control with polymer feed
•UV and Ozone control, based upon ORP, PPM or both
•Monitor chemical inventory levels and auto-fill
Factory trained service and support
The BECSys7 sets a new standard for complete mechanical room control. All of the water chemistry features of the BECSys5 are included, along with fully configurable automatic filter backwash control. The BECSys7 can directly control up to 5 filters standard, expandable up to 16. With BECS’ commitment to ongoing development, the BECSys7 is the most advanced control system available in the aquatics market today.

The BECSys7 comes with a 5 year electronics / 2 year sensor warranty which provides worry-free operation.

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