BECSys BW Advanced Filtration Control

•Waste line management; prevents BW pit overflow
•Backwash duration and water volume displayed on-screen
•Monitor turbidity/end BW early, upon desired clarity
•On-screen help intuitively guides the user through configuration options
•Water reclamation options available
•Heater integration, with fireman switch lockouts
•Flowmeter monitoring and display
•5 year electronics warranty provides worry-free operation
•Factory trained service and support
The BECSysBW Automatic Filter Controller provides automatic backwash control of up to 16 filters, continuously monitoring and controlling system pressures, system flow rate, and backwash holding tank levels. The BECSysBW conserves water and reduces chemical usage, reduces operator error and assures compliance. The BECSysBW comes with local service and support, backed by a manufacturer’s 5-year electronics warranty.

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