But another “billions” that has a great significance is the number of “data” points that CES’s communications-equipped treatment systems capture each and every year. Great customers like yourselves receive information on EACH of your vital pool signs, for each body of water connected, every minute of every day.

The most popular data points include: pH and Oxidation water chemistry, Direct-reading Chlorine (PPM) Attainment of required filtration flow (GPM), Pump performance (TDH), filter cleanliness, How much power is being consumed, How much water has been used, Chemical inventory, and more.

The sky is the limit, and you can imagine that minute-by-minute readings for many parameters, for thousands of customers...
well they add up to Billions a year. But, we're not accumulating information for style points, this info has great significance.

Remote monitoring and control: You can monitor and control ALL your City, County, community, or facility pools and spas on ONE screen and know PRECISELY what is going on in each. This might seem like a nicety to some, but it is a game changer to many.

There are many cities, and communities that could not keep track of their pools, and keep them legal, no matter how many employees they tried to hire… but now have a simple, repeatable, and organized pool program with a smaller staff.

Log Keeping: All those data points are put to good use, and are assembled in a simple data base of readings that are stored permanently and accessible indefinitely. Not like some systems where you store on someone else’s platform, this is your data, and can help you get out of hot water. Ask the hotels that prevented legal issues by being able to instantaneously provide detailed (minute by minute) logs proving they were in the right!

Alert notification: Here’s where data points perhaps play their biggest role. You see... ANY one reading that is out of range or even getting close to being out of range gets reported to you INSTANTLY. Those alerts are delivered to your team in text or email form… and they ESCALATE until they are resolved, many times while still within the legal limits. This system works round the clock getting readings, making decisions on what you need to know about, and then working with you to help resolve it.

That’s right, resolving an issue before it becomes a REAL issue is not an important point, many feel that it IS the point. Providing the safest, cleanest, conditions for your patrons is the point including avoiding irritants, harmful bacteria, parasites and even flesh-eating organisms that can exist in improperly treated water.

ANY of these billions of data points can be the ONE that triggers the alert notification that prevents an issue in your pool.

CES open architecture communications is free, and we’ll train you how to set it up. Also, there are 3 great monitoring plans if you want us to handle it for you. Find out how affordable CES’s open architecture communications can be...even if your CES control equipment is from 1996.