Years ago many discarded the use of robotic vacuums as unreliable and a general pain in the rear. The units, while cheap, were problematic plastic gizmos that seemed to spend more time in the shop than on the pool deck. As such, owners had to have known several ways to clean their pool in order to handle the task, and sometimes they would even own several robotic vacuums AND a backup system.

A lot has happened over the years to further complicate the discussion:
Harder to clean: It is getting harder and harder to find people to reliably vacuum a pool BEFORE the swimmers invade the pool in the morning. Many facilities either clean the pool one section at a time, taking several days to complete the entire pool, or only vacuum the pool once or twice a week at best. Sometimes the vacuum pole does even reach the middle…what’s up with that? If the pool WAS being manually vacuumed, many have figured out that it is real expensive - costing $500+ dollars a month.
What’s living in your bottom: At the same time, more and more research has been done pointing out that a bunch of nasty creatures are living on walls and bottoms. European research has detailed tens to hundred of thousands of colonies of bad stuff living in a typical dirty bottom. So, vacuuming is more important than ever, and tougher to get accomplished.

Fixing the reliability issue: In the past 25 years the robotic cleaning market in Europe has evolved much quicker than the US market. Finally, now in the US there are a handful of new alternatives for reliable robotic cleaning… that are fully maintained ON THE POOL DECK. Enduro cleaners have passed the test over the past 6 years of operation in the US, and the past 30-years of operation in Europe. Hundreds of CES customers can vouch for reliable operation with little or no down time.

Fixing the affordability issue: Still getting a reliable robotic vacuum is similar to getting a large color copier/scanner/binding machine for your office. The good ones cost more, and few are going to budget for a capital purchase. BUT almost every company as a similar copier in the office. How? ….as a part of a maintenance program. Using the same strategy hundreds of CES customers are using the “no worries plan” starting at $199 per month for the vacuum, with ALL proactive on-site maintenance and ALL parts and labor for any potential repair. So far we have not found a cheaper and better way to clean a commercial pool

What else customers have learned:

Robotic vacuums clean better: Whenever we have performed a demo directly after a thorough cleaning, the cleaner has always picked up a bag full of dirt in a few minutes. Everyone has been surprised, and now know that a machine with active scrubbing cleans better than just vacuuming.

Daily cleaning is better: Another finding has been that if you have a reliable vacuum, you use it more often, and more customers are cleaning their entire pool on a daily basis. On these sites we have seen a noticeable reduction in chlorine consumption - maybe because there is less loading.

Many agree that Robotic Vacuuming has truly come of age. The need is more than ever, the alternative cost is higher than ever, and the Enduro and Peps products have proven that reliable on site maintenance programs resolve the other issues. There’s one quick way to check if it might be right for you? Sign up for a no-cost demo, and let’s see if a robotic cleaning solution might be right for your site.