In the past 5+ years, CES Motor Control Centers (both the larger MCC-VFD, and the smaller PFDx) have become a favorite among pool owners, operators, and pool builders.… and even the power company.
Why? There are several reasons, but one of the easiest to calculate is that we have CONSERVATIVELY helped save over $2-Million dollars in electrical costs for customers. This is based on having installed over 4,000 horsepower of energy saving devices all over the US and the Caribbean, saving nearly 20-million kWH of power, and applying an ultra-conservative average power cost. At our current rate, CES customers are now saving over 32,000 kWH per day.

These systems are unique in that they are the ONLY control system where you dial in the EXACT (DOH) Department of Health-required flow rate on the chemistry controller, and the system accurately and reliably provides the precise flow rate 24/7/365. This continually MINIMIZES power consumption, and the savings on clean filters are a lot more dynamic than anyone ever imagined. FPL’s review at one site showed clean-filter savings at an average of 42% of normal power. Many customers have also programmed OFF-PEAK flow rates automatically, running their pump at 12.5% of normal power, while still filtering, heating, and treating - all within approved DOH guidelines.

One customer alone is saving over $100K a year in electrical costs on their 27 pools as highlighted in a recent magazine article. Their game plan was so good, that FPL gave them $10,000 to convert their pools. How can you beat that?

What are some of the additional benefits?
Bonus savings: The power company actually has two major charges, the one based on amount of kWH used (savings calculated above), and a “demand” surcharge based on the peak consumption used which is applied against every kWH used. By limiting the peak rush with “soft start” of pumps, demand charges are dramatically reduced, thus helping saving thousands of additional dollars a year across your entire bill.
Pump Protection: All CES MCC-VFD cabinets are equipped with advanced pump protection packages including protection against low power, high power, and temporary loss of phase — all which have a track record of destroying motors, and causing expensive repairs.

On-Site Service: Many folks have been soured by energy saving “gizmos” that never performed per their unrealistic claims, but not CES customers. We provide accurate and realistic savings estimates, and have maintained responsive on-site support - stocking all the parts and technical know-how to keep your energy saving systems working great - year after year. 

Peace and Quiet: Running a pump with the precise amount of power not only saves energy, but saves heat, motor life, and noise. Your pumps hum, not scream, and you get diminished complaints of hot and loud equipment rooms.
Perfect code compliance: Besides energy savings, these pools are always maintaining the perfect flow rate, so the filters work better, the pool is cleaner with less down time. A win-win for all.
Self-funding: These programs don’t really cost much to implement, but actually save more money than they cost on a monthly basis. Many customers have implemented these on a self-funding program, and modernized their facilities, gone green, and saved tons of money all at once.

There some new wrinkles to the CES program being introduced every month, and the newest PFDx features allow you to implement self-funding programs on smaller systems and feature pumps including your spas, wading pools, Interactive Water Features (IWF’s), and more.

Ready to save some dough and protect your pumps? Contact your CES rep for more information on our self-funding energy-saving programs. Join in the fun!