We recently taught a pool management class for a group of terrific property managers, and they had some questions we couldn’t answer, and we promised to get back them with more information, so here goes.

Are ADA Service Animals allowed on the deck of a Public Swimming Pool, how about in the water? The new July 20, 2016 code set the record straight on service animals and stated that: Individuals with a disability and service animal trainers may be accompanied by a service animal, but the service animal is not allowed to enter the pool, or the drained area of an interactive water feature.

How about ESA “Emotional Support Animals”? The DOH code views ESA’s as plain animals and are not allowed on the pool deck or in the water.

There are several pools that do not have fences, gates, or any protection for children entering the pool or pool area. Are these allowed? If yes, why? The 2004 state code for public pools first required fences for all new pool applications starting on May 27, 2004. So every one of those pools is required to have a proper barrier. Pools built before 2004 are grandfathered in, unless the city or county had an ordinance before those dates.

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