Don't get us wrong, we love ORP. CES teaches approved ORP classes to Health Departments, Pool Companies, and Building Managers, but the pool industry had long been searching for reliable Chlorine Readings (in direct PPM) too. PPM sensors had been around for years, but they were expensive and somewhat quirky.

3 years ago we started implementing the new CP-1 sensor, which reads direct Chlorine levels, and NOT the kill power of Chlorine (AKA ORP). It was a lot more affordable than previous alternatives, not quirky, and the results were great. It’s really a simple wire with a twist - literally. We installed in Cruise Ships with rave reviews from operators and regulators - replacing competitive sensors with not-so-rave reviews. Then we launched to all CES customers in June 2015.

Besides being simple, accurate, and easier to install, the CP1 also does not need periodic replacement of membrane and/or gel. It also maintains more accurate Chlorine readings across a wider range of flows and pressures. The new flow cell includes a great new flow switch and the LED package changes color in the event of a flow-related issue.

Then we launched the MR3 in 2016, which brought affordable PPM sensing to smaller pools. All MR3’s were equipped with the new flow cell so that the CP-1 sensor could be added at any time.

The CP-1 sensor has already lasted 3 times longer than traditional PPM sensors, and we are very happy to announce that they don’t appear to be wearing out anytime soon.

Contact your CES rep for more information on the CP-1 sensor, and find out if it can assist you in providing water quality control for patrons and guests.