Over the past few decades people have often asked: When the heck are you guys going to invent a chemistry controller for Total Alkalinity? Hindsight is 20/20 as they say, but we should have said: Give us until 2018 !!

We are proud to introduce direct control of Total Alkalinity (TA) from our partners at BECS. This is an industry first.... and (oh yeah) an industry only. The patented BECSys Alkalinity Meter is very accurate (+/-5 PPM), and works together with your BECSys5 or BECSys7 to automatically control your Total Alkalinity on your pools. Spa application coming very shortly.

The Patented Controller takes a periodic Alkalinity reading and will automatically switch pH feed between an Acid feeder and a Co2 feeder depending on whether the alkalinity needs to be driven upward or downward... and will keep the alkalinity at the optimal range every day. What is Alkalinity anyway, and what are the benefits of alkalinity control?

What is Alkalinity?

Total Alkalinity can best be defined as an “Index of resistance to pH change in pool water”.
When your water has low alkalinity, the pH will be erratic with small additions of pH chemical, and will tend to drift downward contributing to aggressive water.
When the alkalinity is high, the pH will become “over steady” and it will take lots of pH chemical (whether acid or Co2) to make a noticeable difference. The pH will tend to drift upward.
There are many benefits of CES-BECS Alkalinity control:

Save Chlorine: With pH and TA correct, you’ll get more bang out each Chlorine dollar spent.
Less Corrosion: Low TA normally leads to aggressive water that attacks pool finishes, grout, pool heaters, etc.
Low pH chemical cost: Alkalinity in the correct range will save lots of money on acid and Co2.

Data logs: The alkalinity readings now become part of the data logs, and remote monitoring and alert notification programs.

Save time: Forget about manually dosing acid to lower your alkalinity or manually adding large amounts of bicarb to raise. It’s all automated.
You have a short TO-DO list with your new BECSys Alkalinity Meter. You will merely check calibration periodically, and change the reagent solution every few months, and the rest is handled for you.

There’s no need to wrestle with your Alkalinity any longer… please contact your CES Rep to see if direct control of Alkalinity is right for yo