For years we have been asking customers who decided to "make their own" Chlorine about their experiences, and we have heard a wide variety of responses. We heard about the financial benefits, going green, and many more. We also heard about all the negative press about Saline, the many hundreds of failed saline installations, and other issues. But they forged ahead and installed systems that manufactured chlorine on site.

How much Chlorine has this group of customers banded together to make? Are you ready for this?

Between '06 and Dec '16, CES customers have installed systems capable of making over 

7,669,155 lbs of Chlorine.

 AND, each and every day, CES systems are making up to

4,628 lbs of Chlorine.

 undefined undefined Includes small, big, commercial, institutional facilities.

Why did they do it? Let's look at the positives and negatives of making your own and then you can decide if it's for you or not. Read on! 


Different ways to make your own chlorine?

undefined undefined Two different ways to make Chlorine.

As a quick review, there are two proven ways to make you own chlorine. The first is by adding salt to the pool, and converting that saline solution into chlorine when it passes the "reaction chamber". The other is by installing a skid mounted OSEC (on-site electrolytic chlorinator) which is a skid mounted machine that makes Chlorine out of recycled pool water. The difference between the two is whether the salt goes IN the pool, or IN the process.

Negatives of Making Your Own:

Let's first look at the known negatives or roadblocks that customers encountered while setting up to make your own chlorine. 

  • Money: Literally customers were installing a Chlorine FACTORY on their sites and that costs money, sometimes LOTS of it, and this requires approval from managers, boards, and residents. That can be a real pain.
  • Risk: There are thousands of successful residential systems, but there are SO many failed commercial systems out there, so making your own chlorine on a commercial pool is considered to be a risky proposition. Consider it like open heart surgery (more on this later).

undefined Residential Cells for a commercial application haven't worked.

  • Permits: Changing your DOH-permitted chlorination system normally has required engineered drawings, and pre-approval from the Department of Health. Many contractors hadn't and don't ever plan on doing this, and that places the owners' facility in violation of the law. Not good.
  • Not a complete solution: Most of the time it does not make financial sense to install a saline system large enough to handle 100% of your legal workload. So you really need to have a redundant Chlorine feeder, but HOW do you integrate the two? Do you leave the backup plugged in, do you wait for a chemical issue and then plug the backup system in? There are issues with both these strategies.

undefined Hotel replaced 14 cells in 3 yrs and then upgraded to another system.

  • One of Five: Chlorine not the only chemical that you pool needs, in fact it is only ONE of FIVE major chemical additions that need to be made. So if someone has convinced your staff that saline chlorination resolves all... they are full of guano.
  • Susceptible to issues: Saline system are reported to struggle against Equipment Corrosion as well as Phosphates and Organics, common forms of pollution that are introduced into the pool by city water, bathers, etc.
  • Adding salt and other difficulties: Adding salt to a pool manually is a real pain, especially if the pool leaks. You had to lug sometimes hundred of bags of Chlorine, add to the pool and brush until dissolved. The overall conversion to making your own can be difficult and painstaking. Especially if you partnered with the wrong company. It is much easier to keep doing what you're doing, especially since store-bought chlorine is not exorbitant.

undefined Expensive condo saline system only lasted a few painful years.

Yes, there were many negatives and they should be looked at first, but through a lot of hard work from CES and a handful of manufacturers, many of these have been and can be easily overcome. So let's now look at the positives.

Positives of Making Your Own Chlorine:

Here are a few positives along with innovative ways that our customers handled some of the negatives.

  • Soft Silky Water: Over and over again, we hear patrons sing praises of soft and silky water, lack of irritation, lack of chlorine odor, and much more. There is something about providing a "mineral pool' feeling that entices customer to go saline.
  • Green Technology: Some organizations are looking to integrate proven and green modernizations, and given the right program, making your own chlorine can can give you both.

undefined Single system replaced problematic multiple cells.

  • Less Chemical Storage: Some facilities had looked like nuclear waste dump sites, with many empty chemical containers cluttering their open spaces. Saline reduces storage requirements by over 95%, and significantly reduces liability and improves workplace safety.
  • Less Chemical Handling: Some sites require operators to transfer large amounts of chemicals from tanker to tank to jug to pool. This is TOO MUCH handling. Many customers have cut their chemical handling by the same 95%, and only handle basic salt and a small amounts of "backup" Chlorine.

undefined Salt automatically added to the pool without staining or brushing.

  • Proven: Flying against the grain, CES saline systems have 99% success rate. Sure there have been issues with poor electronic bonding, heavy phosphate pollution from the environment, and poor maintenance along the way, but (with the help of our customers) we have powered through all of these, and CES Saline systems are fully functional and making lots of chlorine.
  • Self Funding: Sure, a great saline system can cost lots of money, but it will save EVEN MORE. Many hundreds of CES customers have installed systems on a "self funding" program that help save more than it costs on a monthly basis. Not a couple of customers, but many hundreds. 
  • Be Legal: Contrary to the negative issues above, a complete legal solution is possible. That includes the proper DOH pre-engineering and permitting, and proper training and support. CES integrates the entire conversion into one cohesive package and handles every step of the way. 

undefined Seamless integration of saline and redundant systems

  • Seamless integration: The CES saline package includes a control system that provides seamless integration between the saline chlorinator and the DOH-recommended (or required) redundant feeder. The saline behaves as primary and switch back and forth to provide perfect pool water seamlessly in the event of any excessive bather load or weather event.
  • Automatic Salt addition: Along the way, we resolved that painful task of adding salt. New systems automatically monitor salinity levels, and dispense "liquid salt" to maintain the proper levels. You merely load salt into a vat, like in your home water softener.

undefined Military bases improved security by installing their own chlorine factory.

  • No Risk: There is really NO risk in making your own chlorine, as the systems are proven, legal, and they make lots of chlorine while being "green". 



Making your own chlorine is a "Process" that require certain steps to be taken. Leaning from everyone's mistakes over the years, we have taken all the steps and have put them in a comprehensive and affordable program that makes it easier for customers to have long term success.

One customer noted that installing saline was similar to getting open heart surgery. Sure in the early years there were surely lots of failed attempts with unprepared doctors and poor results, but there are also organizations that have a highly structured and 99% successful heart surgery program with hundreds of  thousands of success stories and happy customers. You follow their program, you have great results. Not that pool are like heart surgery, but we liked his analogy! 

So, there are now more than 7,669,155 great reasons to make your own chlorine, and you can do so with complete confidence that you too will be successful.