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CES Customers Share Energy-Saving Success Stories !


Many CES customers took significant steps to modernize their facilities in 2016, and worked closely with their CES team to assure that their new systems would provide a step forward. Instead of a "like for like" replacement of a mechanical item, many found it better to upgrade to newer technologies -- often providing great savings.

The most dramatic savings seemed to come from three major categories:

  • Electrical savings via taking direct control of GPM Filtration Rates
  • Chemical savings from on-site manufacturing of chemicals
  • Water savings from monitoring and controlling new "fill" water introduction

Here's a recap of a few of the success stories, directly from the customers that planned and executed the modernizations, along with a couple of observations and tricks that we jointly learned along the way.  

Hope it helps.

Customer Energy-Saving Success Stories

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Villages of Palm Beach Lakes, Shiloh Pool
Ron Wise, Executive Director
Updated Chemistry Controls, Saline Conversion, Direct Control of GPM 

  • Electrical Savings: $700/month
  • Chlorine Savings: 100% of chlorine provided by saline system

A CES customer since 1991, Ron Wise worked to upgrade these popular facilities and make them more efficient and easier to operate. The BECSys5 Controller and CES Motor Controls with VFD (MCC-VFD) automatically maintain precise DOH flow 24/7 by simply dialing in the desired flow rate. When his filters are clean, the system operates at 27% of normal power (wow), and the 25-lb ChlorKing Saline system is providing 100% of the facility chlorination needs. To promote the affordability of the conversion, Ron opted for a 3-year "self-funding" program instead of dipping into his maintenance funds, and the system is paying its own way out of savings. Ron was not aware that his twin 7.5 HP circulating pumps used to cost so much to operate until the conversion, and he's looking forward to tackling their other neighborhood 15HP pool pump next. The residents are very happy, and love the silky saline water feel. Ron worked closely with his board of directors to promote the affordability of the modernizations and planned a few years ahead, so it went very smoothly.


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Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Clubhouse Pool
Ken Zook, General Manager
DE to Sand Filter Upgrade, Interactive Chemistry Controls, Saline Conversion, Direct Control of GPM

  • Electrical Savings: 25-30% since the installation
  • Chemical Savings: "Virtually NO chemical costs"
  • Labor Savings: Labor to clean the pool decreased by 60%

Ken's team used to struggle with hand-to-hand combat on their previous DE filters for 4-hours, several times a week, but they now throw a backwash lever for 3-minutes a every 2-4 weeks. This helped save them 60% of their labor costs. They also used to lug jugs of chemicals and fiddle with chemical feeders, but the saline system has taken nearly 100% control of all in-house chemical production. The single 25-lb ChlorKing saline replaced a previous more residential-grade saline system (with a bunch of cells), but that didn't contribute much per the staff. This is the real thing, they say. Ken and his staff are constantly in contact with their pool via their PC, smart phones, and tablets, and receive instant alerts of any out of range conditions, allowing them to resolve the issue before it ever becomes one. Ken and the board used a very innovated approach to evaluate the alternatives, a very thorough job of researching the economics of the modernization and it led them to the team of CES (equipment & monitoring), Aquaworx (pre-plumbed packs), and expert construction by TC Water Features. Read more about this modernization.


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San Jose Country Club, Jacksonville
Chase Chenoweth, Director of Fitness & Aquatics
Interactive Chemistry Controls, Direct Control of GPM

  • Pumps savings: 30% (peak) 70% off peak
  • Electrical Savings: 13% over the entire fitness facility

Chase keeps very close tabs on his 243,000 outdoor pool, equipped with an earlier CES Hi-Rate sand filtration system and a 15 HP motor. San Jose CC has a thriving energy conservation program, and Chase wanted to contribute by trimming costs in his area without trimming amenities for patrons. They opted to take control over the entire equipment area with a BECSys5 with MCC-VFD and taking direct control of GPM. They kept meticulous bills, and even though the filtration system was not "overbuilt by much", the savings have been dramatic. Chase reports the during operational hours he dialed-in flow rate leading to a 30% reduction in pumping costs, and "off peak" he dialed in a DOH-approved flow rate which yields a 70% savings in normal pumping costs. He uses a detailed spreadsheet to show an overall "pool/fitness center" electrical savings of 13% (over the entire facility) which is very impressive as the air conditioning costs, number of days billed, and cost of power all increased significantly during the same time period. This is possible in part because the MCC-VFD reduces "demand charges" which in turn provides a lower cost of electricity applied to the entire organization. He used this very unique approach to get the system approved, and "advocates the installation of a MCC-VFD to all his peers".


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Century Village, Pembroke Pines, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton
Dan Cruz, Regional Maintenance Director
Interactive Chemistry Controls, Direct Control of GPM, Digital Water Level Control & Consumption Monitoring

  • Electrical Savings: Most Pumps are operating between 27-48% of normal power
  • Water Savings: Immediately discovered and repaired several large pool leaks.
  • Labor Savings: Developed top flight pool operation while reducing staffing requirements
  • Chemical Savings: Upgrade to all-in-one Pulsar has trimmed overall chemical costs

A pioneering and highly publicized energy modernization, promoted in FCAP condominium industry journal article, was conducted by the forward thinking Cenville management company and progressive property Vice Presidents and Board of Directors in 3 different properties over the past few years. Electrical consumption has been reduced to as low as 27% of normal power with clean filters, water level is automatically maintained to precise levels, and water consumption is monitored. A flat screen in the maintenance office continually monitors and displays all parameters and alarms in real time, and staff is alerted of any out-of-range conditions via text & email alerts, so they can immediately handle. A while ago the staff was instantly alerted to a large and sudden pool leak that according to them: "would have cost them many thousands of dollars on a future water bill", and immediately corrected the situation. The all-in-one Pulsar chemical conversion helped reduce chemical handling and liability of large storage tanks, and has also helped streamline the chemical handling and operations.


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Other Customer Success Stories:

  • Phantom Energy Usage with large pump: 
    • This is a head scratcher, but a South Florida municipal pool installed a large 40HP MCC-VFD in tandem with a BECSys7 (which also automatically backwashed their sand filter-saving them about 16 labor hours a month). When starting up the MCC-VFD we noticed that the pump motor had a "nuance" and had been "over-amping" by 40 AMPS over it's rated load (probably for years). The facility electric bills were immediately reduced by well over $1,200 a month (which is way more than we had anticipated) but now it makes sense. Using industry-accepted electric calculations, we found that the "over amping" alone was costing them about $700 a month, and no one would have ever caught it without the continual AMP and kW display on the CES MCC-VFD. In only 5 years, this would have cost the municipality over $42,000 in unnecessary electric bills.
  • The Leak that Never Was:
    • A recent West Florida municipal modernization included a large 1,000 GPM DE to Sand filter upgrade, and a CES BECSys5 control system and MCC-VFD with water level control & consumption monitoring, along with direct control of the pool pump. They experienced the same savings detailed with the CES customers above, but something wasn't right. They had problems keeping chemicals in the pool, and complained. It looked like a leak to us, but were told that "we don't have a leak, period". Since the IT department wasn't planned to hook up communications for months, CES provided a PCD (Precision Communication Device) and implemented remote control, electronic log keeping, and alert notification that same day. The CES water meter sent an alarm that details the facility was going through 10,000 gallons a DAY !! or was getting a new 300,000 gallon pool every month. A leak detection company was called, and they repaired the leak for $1,200. Yikes.


CES Customers work hard at continually improving their facilities, and it's great to see them get accolades from their peers, boards of directors, industry magazines, and patrons for a job well done. Together we have competed thousands of highly successful DE to sand filtration systems, controls and saline conversions, heating and pool cover conversions, and more. Heck, we've even make Chlorine out of recycled pool water together. By talking with their peers and researching previous modernizations it has given customers the CONFIDENCE to promote these energy modernizations within their organizations WITHOUT RISK of failing. 

By using innovative "self-funding" plans, they can provide a (sometimes badly needed) upgrade to the mechanical package and let the power company, the gas company, and the water company pay for it. 

But, not every modernization works out as planned as the pool industry still has WAY TOO MANY failed residential-grade saline installations, bogus electrical savings that never occur for multiple reasons, and control system installation that promise the world but never deliver.... but it is good to know that this will NOT happen with our customers, and NOT on our watch.

Please join us in congratulating the customers above for a job well done, and we look forward to assisting in your long term modernization plans for years to come.

Waterford Lakes New Pool Renovation a "home run" !


One look at Orlando's Waterford Lakes Community Association website says it all. It is clean, modern, organized, and provides timely information on past, present and future happenings... dating back to their incorporation in 1985.  

undefinedWaterford Pool is very popular with large bather loads. 

Waterford Lakes carried the same theme into the recent pool treatment renovation: clean, progressive, and organized, and it has vaulted the organization to one of the most modern, energy efficient operations in the state.


Is wasn't always that way. Waterford Lakes used to rely on the original Vacuum DE filtration system. Since the 108,000 gallon pool services 800 living units, the filtration system was originally upsized to handle 600 GPM or 3-hour turnover. To accomplish this the number of DE grids were doubled. The filters had to be cleaned manually several times a week under peak loads (sometimes more often) taking as long as 4-hours per cleaning. The filter grids requiring the use of temporary DE powder on each filter cleaning, along with the cumbersome DE removal and disposal process. The chemistry, although carefully scrutinized, suffered from the unavoidable peaks and valleys normally experienced with changing bathing loads, weather conditions, etc.

They had a smaller 6-lb per day saline system that was overmatched, and had to add countless bags of salt by hand, a thankless job. The chemistry controller was not fully trustworthy, handled only chemistry, and was not equipped with communications, log keeping or alert notification programs.

undefinedRenovation included pumps, filters, saline, controls, etc.


In 2015, that all changed. During the renovation of their clubhouse, Ken Zook of Waterford Lakes called on Tony Caruso of TC Water Features of Orlando to find a better solution. Tony teamed up with Chris Secue from CES and Alex Fletcher from AquaWorx (a leading filter pack manufacturer) to provide a pre-plumbed modernization that would handle Waterford Lakes's needs for many years to come. The board of directors did their research, checked many references, and scheduled a public question and answer session to closely address every possible aspect of the investment. 

The new Green Modernization included:

Saline Chlorination System: The team installed a ChlorKing 25lb saline system (4-times larger than the original) designed to provide a majority of the annual chlorination needs. The system came equipped with automatic salinity control that keeps the salinity level in the pool at a perfect 5,000 PPM, without having to manually test and add/dissolve salt in the pool. The consistent salinity level perfects the "silky feel" of the pool water, while assuring maximum chlorine production.

undefinedIndustrial Saline System 4 times larger than previous system.

All-in-one Redundant feeder: A Pulsar 140 is seamlessly integrated to provide redundant chlorination in the event that the pool usage or weather exceeds saline system capability. The Pulsar System is a dry tablet that retains if full strength for up to 2 years, and provides Chlorine, Calcium, Bicarbonate, and supplemental stain prevention, while utilizing 1/10th the pH correction of a bleach system. It's a perfect complement to the dominant saline system.

undefined3 min single-lever on-the-fly backwash saves labor & water.

Permanent Media Filtration System: The CES two-tank permanent media filtration system replaced the DE grid system, and provides crystal clear pool water without all the manual cleaning and DE powder handling and disposal. The periodic backwash is handled by throwing a single lever (some call it the one-armed bandit) for 2-3 minutes for each tank. Water consumption is held at bare minimum and thought to be less than before. The maintenance staff has freed up considerable labor hours instead of doing hand to hand combat with some silly grid filter in the hot sun. 

CES Motor Control Center with integrated VFD and energy efficient pumping system: This device connects to the BECSys5 and provides precise direct control of 600 GPM DOH flow rate, while continually minimizing electrical power. It is equipped with phase protection, power conditioning, and a safety bypass to minimize any potential down time. Clean filter electric consumption can be as low a 30% of normal power, thus providing a quick payback from electrical rates and demand charges. A new 3-phase self priming pump prevents time-wasting re-priming, and the oversized basket saves time cleaning the strainer.

undefinedMCC reduces power, demand charges, and costs.

CES Equipment Room Control system: As the centralized controls for the modernization, a BECSys5 system was installed to control the saline system, the pH feeder, the redundant feeder, and take direct control of the pool pump operations while monitoring pool temperature and filter cleanliness. It is equipped with 24/7 digital record keeping to provide the safest pool environment for patrons and guests, and the remote control and alert notification system texts and emails the operations staff (in proper order) in the event that any parameter falls outside of the desire range.

Monitoring flat screen TV. Talk about confidence and communications.... all of the vital signs of the pool including Chlorine, ORP, pH, Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Vacuum, etc. are continually displayed on a flat screen TV.... in the clubhouse ! 

undefinedConfidence is displaying your pool vital signs 24/7 in the clubhouse.

What about the feedback?

  • Needless to say, the maintenance staff was reported to be "giddy" about the modernization. You would be too !
  • Ken's recent note to CES he mentioned: "... thanks Chris for everything, and Waterford and I are very happy with our products and support. Glad you are part of the team!"
  • An undisclosed operations manager told our team that "...it was the best thing we're ever done (in 30 years)"
  • The finance manager has to be happy as the conversion is substantially self-funding via from savings in electricity, labor, water and DE powder and savings, and from savings from making their own Chlorine on site.


Waterford Lakes has once again demonstrated that it is very possible to completely modernize an aquatic treatment mechanical package by picking the right team, doing their homework, and following the project through from start to finish. Congratulations go Ken and Waterford Lakes for taking a leadership position in the industry, for Going Green and saving power, water, chemicals, and labor, and for making a commitment to provide their patrons and guests with the safest most appealing water possible.

Also kudos to Tony Caruso and AquaWorx for a fantastic installation, and to the entire Waterford Lakes team for being a dream to work with.

But then again, what do you expect from an association with a 30-year history of a clean, modern, and communicative operations led by forward thinking managers......