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The word "billion" caught our eyes when the Powerball went over the magical mark weeks ago. No, we did not win, so here we are.

But another “billions” that has a great significance is the number of “data” points that CES’s communications-equipped treatment systems capture each and every year. Great customers like yourselves receive information on EACH of your vital pool signs, for each body of water connected, every minute of every day.

The most popular data points include: pH and Oxidation water chemistry, Direct-reading Chlorine (PPM) Attainment of required filtration flow (GPM), Pump performance (TDH), filter cleanliness, How much power is being consumed, How much water has been used, Chemical inventory, and more.

The sky is the limit, and you can imagine that minute-by-minute readings for many parameters, for thousands of customers...
well they add up to Billions a year. But, we're not accumulating information for style points, this info has great significance.

Remote monitoring and control: You can monitor and control ALL your City, County, community, or facility pools and spas on ONE screen and know PRECISELY what is going on in each. This might seem like a nicety to some, but it is a game changer to many.

There are many cities, and communities that could not keep track of their pools, and keep them legal, no matter how many employees they tried to hire… but now have a simple, repeatable, and organized pool program with a smaller staff.

Log Keeping: All those data points are put to good use, and are assembled in a simple data base of readings that are stored permanently and accessible indefinitely. Not like some systems where you store on someone else’s platform, this is your data, and can help you get out of hot water. Ask the hotels that prevented legal issues by being able to instantaneously provide detailed (minute by minute) logs proving they were in the right!

Alert notification: Here’s where data points perhaps play their biggest role. You see... ANY one reading that is out of range or even getting close to being out of range gets reported to you INSTANTLY. Those alerts are delivered to your team in text or email form… and they ESCALATE until they are resolved, many times while still within the legal limits. This system works round the clock getting readings, making decisions on what you need to know about, and then working with you to help resolve it.

That’s right, resolving an issue before it becomes a REAL issue is not an important point, many feel that it IS the point. Providing the safest, cleanest, conditions for your patrons is the point including avoiding irritants, harmful bacteria, parasites and even flesh-eating organisms that can exist in improperly treated water.

ANY of these billions of data points can be the ONE that triggers the alert notification that prevents an issue in your pool.

CES open architecture communications is free, and we’ll train you how to set it up. Also, there are 3 great monitoring plans if you want us to handle it for you. Find out how affordable CES’s open architecture communications can be...even if your CES control equipment is from 1996.

Web Order Special gets additional bonus - Read On

Web Order Special gets additional bonus - Read On Thanks for your feedback from our October 11th feature on the CES online inventory and ordering system. Glad that you’re enjoying it. Our real focus in the web store is to help you pinpoint the necessary support parts out of the 12,000+ items in our catalog… so you merely long on, click on the pump, feeder, heater, etc in your equipment room, and you’ll see a list of support parts, with photos and pricing. Contact your CES rep to get set up or for technical assistance.

BUT… Some of you asked why we did not include a discount code on the 11th, and there is a simple answer…. we forgot.

So...until November 6th (Election day) use the code AM110618 and receive a 4% discount off your online orders. That means that you can combine the ease of online ordering with an extra discount over our regular discounted pricing. Make sure to contact your CES rep to get your MyCES™ section loaded up with the precise parts and accessories that you need to keep your swimming pools running at peak performance.

And, as the infomercials like to say...BUT THERE’S MORE! The CES Social Media whiz kids feel left out. So those of you that get on the CES Facebook page and post a review or recommendation on your CES team service…. you’ll receive an additional email from us with an updated promo code, and you’ll receive an extra 4% on the same orders…

So, now you know that we’re really not a web store giant, and we’re not social media mavens… but we’re an appreciative company of hard workers that want to thank you for your loyalty and support, and want to make your life as easy as possible with our point and save web store specials.

Heater Booster Pumps Save Money and Resolve Problems.

A funny thing happens when you work with customers to resolve unrelated issues,…you learn something new that you can share with all other customers.

A great 30+-year CES customer was having issues keeping health department flow in their pools, while sending enough water to the pool heating systems, even though they had a high-powered 10 HP pump. They were having two issues: inconsistent heating performance and borderline DOH flow. As designed, they were partially closing the “bypass” line to send just the right amount of water to the heaters, but pool flow always changes - based on filter cleanliness, strainer soiling. Even the smallest adjustment can cause too much or too little water - an issue either way. What’s worst is that using a bypass is actually a very inefficient way to divert water, and wastes lots energy... more below.

This is not uncommon as thousands of you have the same issue, and it’s costing you a lot of money and a fair amount of aggravation. What can you do?

Now there is a solution:
By adding a dedicated booster pump - that only runs when the heater calls for heat, you can open your main bypass valve, and trim back your main pump to use considerably less power. Just as important, with this booster pump arrangement, you are ASSURED of having the correct amount of flow to the heater at all times.

More savings with CES VFDs:
If you’re one of many hundreds of VFD users, you’ll save even more. How? Since your CES system automatically maintains DOH flow rate by itself, when you lessen the restriction, your pump ramps down to a much lower 

level. In the example above, the pump was previously operating efficiently, saving money at 53- 61% of normal power. By adding the small 3/4 HP booster pump and opening the bypass valve, the pump automatically ramped down to 25-29% of normal power. A huge savings!!

What else?
Having a booster pump in place also allows you to ramp down your filter pump (per DOH guidelines) for an average 8-12 hrs. per night, at about 12% of normal power. But, that ramp down would NOT WORK with a mechanical bypass, so your heater would not have enough flow to run, and would have been OFF. With your booster pump you can now ramp down AND still heat your pool. Also, using the new programming for the PFDx line, we can also dial in the desired booster pump flow, and automatically maintain precise flow, saving even more energy.

You get the picture. This is a pretty darn good idea! But, will this work for you? Contact your CES rep, and we’ll take a good look at your facility to see if this upgrade will be beneficial.

CES online solution simplifies inventory - turns 4 years old.

OK say it… why did CES wait so long to develop an e-commerce solution? Maybe it’s because with nearly 20 field support staff, we're anything but a web store. Maybe because we wanted to do something different that really solved a problem for our customers? Heck, maybe we’re just methodical (slow).

We are proud to announce that CES streamlined online ordering turns 4 years old, and is working better than ever. It’s different, though. Our goal is to help you keep your facilities stocked with ONLY the correct parts, when you need them, and handle this chore in a simple, easy to use process. Looking for the “thingamajigee” next to the “whatchamacallit”?, you know the blue thing… we can help.

If you browse the CES Product or online store, you’ll find a bunch of products some with prices. These prices are much higher than what you would normally pay, in order for us to comply with factory internet protocol. But if you sign up and log in, the prices shown will be much lower, and the same prices as a special quote from our customer service team. But, click on a specific item (pump shown here) and something special happens… only the correct part and pieces are shown, with photos and prices. You won’t order the wrong gasket or impeller, incorrect reagent, etc.

Sounds like fun?…here are a couple of quick steps to join in:
Sign up: If you haven’t already, please contact us to sign up and then sign in. We’ll link the store to your regular CES account.

Load your “personal page”: “We will load your MyCES section” with the quick reference to the exact equipment in your facility.
Click and save: Then you merely click on the item, and you’ll see only the precise replacement parts along with photos and prices.

Load your cart and go: Load your cart and process. We’ll contact you to confirm any questions, and some LTL shipping arrangements, and most items will ship the same/next day.

The CES online store is really popular among many customers, and we are working to make it better each and every day. Version 2.0 is coming in a while, but it works, and will save you time and money.

Please let us know how we can help set you up and join the fun.

SpinDisk Digital test kit proven most accurate in the industry by NSF Testing.

SpinDisk Digital test kit proven most accurate
in the industry by NSF Testing.

As you now NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) provides testing and certification for all major products used on Florida pools. This has included pumps, filters, controllers, chlorinators, feeders, UV and Ozone Systems, and more. In fact you cannot install most equipment on a commercial pool without NSF certification.

Recently NSF began providing testing and certification of a handful of Test Kits. Many feel that In the near future all kits used will need to be NSF certified. Finally, there is independent testing to let you know how accurate your test kit really is.

About the Certification:
NSF began establishing testing protocol for determining test kit accuracy back in 2012.
They are simple listed from Level1 (L1), to Level3 (L3) with L1 being the most accurate.

What is tested:
Performance testing focused on accuracy, precision, and repeatability Must have detailed operation and use instructions
Shelf Life - must be within 10% of its initial performance at the end of its shelf life

How the CES SpinDisk fared:
pH: (6.4-8.6) LEVEL 1
Free Chlorine: (0-15 PPM): LEVEL 1
Combine Chlorine: (0-1 PPM): LEVEL 1
Cyanuric Acid: (5-50 PPM): LEVEL 1
So, you can Test and Trust.

How the SpinDisk Works:
Easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Fill the disk and insert
2. Tap the Start Test button
3. Read the result in 30-60 seconds.

More cool stuff:

The SpinDisk reading are transferred to your smart phone using a free app, you can store the tests,
forward them to owners and contractors, Etc.
You can store readings permanently in the cloud and get updates of any out-of-range readings.
You are then getting REAL PROOF that your pool is being tested.

Learn more about the CES SpinDisc - not only the easiest test kit on the market, but the most accurate as well. Contact your CES rep for more information about this great new testing technology.

Precision AMF strainers offer a custom solution to inoperable rust buckets

By definition, a hair and lint strainer catches stuff (including leaves, twigs, bandaids, etc.) before it damages the pump impeller, or filter bed. These should be cleaned out often so as to not affect the pump performance and cost you lots of extra money in electrical pumping costs.

But every once in a while you run into one of these relics in an equipment room and can’t help but wonder: How in the heck are they cleaning that puppy? How long does it take? And how much nerve does it take to open it up, knowing that the pool is down until you make it air-tight again?

But then replacing it isn’t a piece of cake either? All that piping on either side is wildly expensive to move or replace, and there are very few contractors that will work with piping that size anyway. So what do you do?

The solution is to get a custom strainer that matches the precise dimensions and literally drops in place. How? The Precision AMF strainer, which comes in both FRP (fiberglass) and Stainless Steel are available in custom configurations and dimensions to match your existing space. They come with a clear viewing lid so that you can actually tell when your strainer is getting dirty, and with simple swing-down SS T-bar handles to make basket cleaning quick and easy. It also has ready ports to install indicator gauges, so that you can be alerted when your strainer is dirty. At 50 PSI pressure rating, it is the strongest strainer in the industry, and comes in regular and reducing strainer configurations so that you can connect to the pump flanges and simplify your installation.

How do you find out if custom Precision AMF strainer is right for you? Simply contact your CES rep, and we’ll come measure for an exact replacement. We can even arrange installation if you prefer.

Precision AMF Strainers

The Precision AMF strainer is made in the US, and backed by CES Tech Services. It makes your life easier and you equipment room operate more efficiently. And… it costs a lot less that a bunch of tetanus shots.

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